Friday, October 31, 2008

What are ultrasonic cleaners used for in the medical setting?

A huge assortment of medical and dental instruments can be properly and thoroughly cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaners. Everything from exploratory tools to dental mirrors, and scalpels fit easily into these machines.
The type of medical environment will play a huge role in the kinds of tools and instruments that find their way into the ultrasonic cleaner.
What kinds of accessories are needed to ensure your ultrasonic cleaner works properly and are easy to use?
One of the first pieces of equipment in addition to the ultrasonic cleaner itself you will need is the cleaning basket. This handy tool is very simply used to extract the cleaned items from the machine without fear of cutting yourself or contaminating the newly cleaned items. While it may not seem important, this small tool can make life in the office much easier.
Another accessory you shouldn’t be without is the positioning or cleaner cover. Made from stainless steel, your office staff can count on these covers ensuring that no live biologic contaminant is allowed to roam free through the office, potentially harming staff and patients alike. Of course, with the covers, it’s essential to have cleaning beakers as well. In many cases, the beakers that are equipped with both lids and bands are incredibly successful at keeping the sterilization environment safe and clean.

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