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Is it true that some vitamins will cause a positive reading in some drug test kits?

Monday, June 15, 2009

This is one excuse that is used frequently for positive results in drug test kits. In reality the tests are designed to exclude false positives by any other type of substance. Vitamins, Tylenol, Aspirin, coffee, tea, soda, poppy seeds on a bagel and even antibiotics will not cause a false positive reading with any type of home use or commercial drug test kits. It is also important to keep in mind that simple being around a drug or handling a drug will not provide enough of a concentration in the blood to trigger a positive reading on drug test kits. Simply being around someone smoking marijuana or handling a bag full of narcotics will not result in a positive test. Codeine, on the other hand, may cause a positive test result for opiates. In some cases prescription pain medication can trigger this response but so can some cough suppressant products that contain codeine. Knowing what, if any, cold or prescription medications an individual is taking at the time of the test can help in determining if a full lab test may be required. Are there drug test kits that test for Rohypnol? Rohypnol, also known as the date rape drug, can be tested for with many drug test kits, as long as they are indicated for benzodiazepines. The biggest issue with testing for Rohypnol as opposed to other drugs in this class is that it typically only stays in the body about 8 hours, which means there is little time after being given the drug to actually test with any accuracy. If the individual is on any prescription benzodiazepines, often prescribed for depression, this can make isolation of Rohypnol impossible with drug test kits. Full laboratory testing through a doctor or clinic can be more specific; however the short time span the drug is in the individuals system still poses the greatest problem. How expensive are drug test kits? Considering the cost of not detecting the use of drugs and seeking help, the cost of drug testing kits is incredibly low and reasonable. Most kits, both urine and saliva, will cost less than ten dollars per unit and some are less than that, depending on the number of panels and the types of drugs tested for. With an increasing demand by private and public companies, agencies and organizations drug test kits are becoming much more accessible and low cost. They are not only effective in determining drug use at the home or workplace but they also have been proven to decrease the overall abuse of substances. The concern of kids, employees and others in the company of being subjected to a random drug test has really affected the rampant abuse of illegal and prescription medications within the workforce. Future increased use of drug testing will only further enhance this trend and set clear expectations for employees and family members to follow.

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