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Are there themes of matching office furniture to correspond with some types of pediatric exam tables?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There are several options to really make a pediatric medical office a welcoming and fun place for kids. One option is to include brightly colored or themed styles for pediatric exam tables and combine this with other matching or corresponding pieces of furniture and equipment. While not all themed pediatric exam tables will be sold as a set with other office furniture and equipment, it is never hard to carry on with a theme using a bit of creativity.
Common themes for pediatric exam tables include a down under theme, which includes symbols of Australia. This theme is easy to add to with some Australian travel posters, some stuffed Koala bears and kangaroos and even some fun Australian art. Other popular kids themes with matching pediatric exam tables include space, cartoon characters, oceans, school bus or school themes amount many others.
For some pediatric exam tables even just matching colors such as the bright blue of the ocean theme or the bright yellow of the school bus is a great way to enhance the theme without requiring a lot of additional equipment based on the theme. What features are important in pediatric exam tables? As with adult examination tables there are several features that you may wish to consider in pediatric exam tables. The first is the comfort of the patient, so checking to make sure the surface is padded and comfortable for the child is going to be essential. Most manufacturers provide at least 2 inches of foam padding protected by antimicrobial and antibacterial vinyl that is very easy to clean and disinfect between patients. Backrests that allow the child to sit in comfortable position are also important to consider.
Recessed toe kicks are an important consideration for most medical staff as it allows them to comfortably stand flush with the table, providing the most security for the child. Locking storage doors in the front or ends of pediatric exam tables provide secure places to keep medical supplies and equipment, away from curious little patients that may be intent on investigating the room. Drawers located immediately below the surface of pediatric exam tables provide handy access to common equipment you may need during exams. How easy are the designed pediatric exam tables to keep looking new and in good condition?
Looking for pediatric exam tables that use high pressure laminate will ensure that the designs don't peel off or discolor with use. In addition most are designed with scuff and mark resistant surfaces to protect them from daily wear and tear. Built in paper dispensers within the pediatric exam tables help to protect the surface of the vinyl covering plus they also provide an additional layer of cleanliness for the patients.
Cleaning the high pressure laminate surfaces is easy and requires only a wipe down with water and disinfectant. All surfaces are tested with hospital and medical cleaners to prevent any discoloration from use.

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