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How is air circulation provided in medical storage lockers and why is it essential?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Medical storage lockers, whether for medical supplies or for patient or staff personal items need to be properly vented. Venting with medical storage lockers is typically done either by vent holes that are located on the sides or front of the medical storage lockers or through horizontal vents that allow air circulation. Without appropriate air circulation there is a greater risk of bacteria, fungus and mold growth, which reduces the sterile environment so essential in health care settings. In medical storage lockers that are used for storing compounds and liquids, venting may be done through the use of pipes that can be vented into hoods or directly into air removal systems within the facility. This is done to provide additional safety in the event of an accidental spill within the cabinet or locker. Any flammable liquids or compounds have to be stored in specially designed and labeled flammable safety cabinets that meet very specific safety guidelines and standards. What options are available for medical storage lockers and cabinets? There are both wall and base or counter mounted medical storage lockers and cabinets available, as well as full sized cabinets that measure up to 63 plus inches in height. The various medical storage lockers and cabinets are designed to suit the needs of a variety of different types of storage ranging from linens and housekeeping supplies through to actual medications, equipment and general examination related supplies. The doors on medical storage lockers can be completely metal or wood or they may have glass or acrylic areas for easy viewing into the locker or cabinet. Most medical storage lockers have the option of being locked in a variety of ways. Some are key locked, others are designed to hold standard padlocks or even combination types locks can be used. Locking medical storage lockers provide additional security features and may be very appropriate for staff changing rooms, patient areas and for keeping supplies secure in high traffic areas of the hospital, clinic or health care facility. What colors and styles are available in medical storage lockers? Most metal medical storage lockers will have a baked enamel finish and will come in a wide variety of colors. These colors can be pastels or deep, rich colors of reds, blues, greens or even the more neutral earth tones. Gray and sand colors are popular as they match well with any d├ęcor or colors typically used in patient and examination rooms. All medical storage lockers are designed to resist rust, scuffs and scratches and to be easy to clean and sterilize. Door hinges or sliders are designed to be very durable, providing years of maintenance free movement and quiet open and closing. Sliding door medical storage lockers can be either floor mounted or wall mounted and are very popular as under the counter types of storage for non-medical types of equipment and supplies. For locking doors typically hinged doors are provided with either central closing or right or left opening options in most models.

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