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What are the advantageous of locking computer workstation desks for patient and non-patient areas of a hospital or clinic?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Any patient area is going to be a busy place in hospitals, clinics and health care facilities. Equipment that is left in public areas is going to always run the risk of being used by patients or others that should not have access to the equipment. Often children and adults alike will look at and handle all types of equipment in an examination room, emergency room or even in a patient care room. Having only locking computer workstation desks in the facility means that the computer, keyboard and other equipment can be safely and easily kept out of sight and out of contact with individuals that don't have the need to use the equipment. Since many of the databases and information that can be accessed through computers and files found in and on locking computer workstation desks, patient security and privacy is also protected through the use of locking computer workstation desks. Is there any additional storage space available when using locking computer workstation desks? Depending on the model and type of locking computer workstation desks that are being considered there can be moderate to large amounts of additional storage space within the unit itself. Many of the locking computer workstation desks have drawers for pencils, pens and other small supplies, as well as larger drawers for files, paper and other necessary equipment for the computer system used on the cart. Fully adjustable shelves in the bottom section of locking computer workstation desks means that you can easily adjust the shelves to hold whatever books, equipment or supplies you require. In some models there may also be storage space within the monitor section of the desk. Additional storage in large storage drawers or sections with drop down or front open doors is perfect for all types of materials, including basic medical supplies and equipment. Why do locking computer workstation desks and mobile desks have adjustable keyboard heights and other adjustments? One of the key features of locking computer workstation desks is that they have to be practical to use in a variety of settings. Since different nurses, doctors and medical staff may be using the mobile workstations it is essential that height adjustments be simple and easy to do. One consideration that is important for locking computer workstation desks and adjustments is how the person using the computer station is going to be positioned when entering data. If the nurse or medical staff is seated, the keyboard will need to be lower, while if they are standing the keyboard needs to be elevated for comfort and accuracy. Adjustments of the shelving units is also important to adapt for different computer systems, printers and other types of equipment. Even monitors may be different sizes so having some option to either buy a different size of cabinet or adjusting the locking computer workstation desks is important so the systems are practical with constantly changing technology.

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