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What are the health benefits to using a stationary exercise bike as part of your training or fitness routine?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stationary exercise bikes provide both cardiovascular and weight loss or control benefits when used in conjunction with a balanced fitness program. Even if used on their own, stationary exercise bikes, when used regularly, will increase the number of calories burned per day, helping to cut down on weight gain or manage your weight more efficiently. Stationary exercise bikes also help to increase heart rate and blood circulation, a necessary part of both whole body and heart fitness.

Stationary exercise bikes also provide an additional safety feature to standard bikes. This is because they can be used indoors, rather than outdoors in potential traffic or poor road conditions. The availability of the stationary in home exercise bike means it can be used 24 hours per day, ideal for people that have shifts or irregular schedules. Like any aerobic activity, stationary exercise bike use should be combined with a weight training program for optimum results, especially when it comes to body development and weight loss.

What options are available on stationary exercise bikes for the home?

Stationary exercise bikes have come a long way from the first models that were literally just a bike mounted on a stand. The new models of exercise bikes have fully computerized programs, designed to mimic the actual course that you may take if you were out riding. This means that you can select a pre-set course or design one of your own on many models. These bikes will automatically adjust the tension on the wheels to give the physical sensation of going uphill or down, or even going faster and slower over a specific pattern or course.

Additional features on most new models of stationary exercise bikes will help you track and record your progress in your fitness program. This can include heart rate monitors that show a digital readout throughout your workout, speed, calories burned and even distance traveled. Some of the more deluxe models may calculate this all into ratings, scores or data that can be used for tracking and setting future fitness goals.

Other options include comfort seats, specialized handlebars, magazine racks, water bottle holders and even jacks for your music systems. Finding all these options in a bike does take a bit of looking around, but they are definitely available.

Which is better, an upright stationary exercise bike or a recumbent bike?

For most people, unless you are training for a competition that includes cycling, either option of an upright or a recumbent type of bike will accomplish the same desired goals. For those training for competitive events, an upright, professional training stationary bike is the best option as this teaches correct form when riding. Many people prefer the recumbent style of bike as it can be less stressful on the lower back and also on the legs. The best option is to try out both models and see which is most comfortable for you.

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