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What is a split leg training room table?

Friday, September 25, 2009

A split leg training room table is a very versatile and handy piece of equipment. Besides being a standard training room treatment table it can also double as a taping table or examination table as needed. In addition the split leg feature allows the bottom half of the top section of the table to be elevated separately. This allows one leg to be elevated for treatment or examination, or even to help in minimizing swelling after an injury.
Each part of the dual sided split legs have individual rods that can be adjusted to provide the desired angle for the leg. The rods lock into place on the frame of the table with a spring loaded lock in lever mechanism that prevents any slippage or sudden movement in angle either up or down.
Split leg training tables are designed to be durable and have additional storage space under the table in the form of separate drawer and cupboards. Some also have an optional backrest that can be elevated to allow the player to rest comfortably in a more recumbent rather than prone position.
Are there any options for portable treatment tables that are durable enough for outdoor use?
There are several different models of highly portable and very durable sideline training and treatment tables. These tables are designed with outdoor use in mind. Typically these tables have adjustable leveling legs, perfect for setting up in less that completely flat ground conditions. In addition the metal frame is coated to prevent any possibility of rust, even when used in damp and wet conditions. In addition the bottom of each of the table legs is mounted with what are known as field feet, wider and larger than typical furniture leg bases, preventing any sinking into the ground or the mud.
The surface of the portable treatment tables are usually a very heavy, puncture resistant type of vinyl. All seams are sealed and coated to prevent water from getting into the foam. These tables are really ideal for any type of professional, semi-pro or amateur sporting event and give doctors and team staff a chance to assist players with minor injuries right on the field.
Are training room tables able to be used for other reasons in a smaller locker, team room or sporting facility?
Many teams, coaches and facility managers try to find equipment that is versatile enough to handle whatever a team may need. Many of the training room tables can also double as taping tables, making them an ideal option. These types of tables typically hold two or more people at a time with optional padding between the stations to quickly transform the taping table into a full treatment table. Storage areas under the training room tables can also double as medical or sports storage areas. Roomy closets spaces and large, smoothly opening drawers make these practical additions to any locker, training room or team room.

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