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What types of used and refurbished C-Arms are typically available?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Since there is such as wide variety of C-Arms on the market, each designed to complete a specific type of imaging, there is almost a limitless possibility as to what models may be found as used and refurbished. Typically the C-Arms that are sold as used and refurbished will not be exceptionally old models or those that have been cosmetically damaged in highly noticeable ways. In most cases the types of used and refurbished C-Arms available are going to include the most common models, since there are simply more of them in practices. Generally they are sold as used and refurbished once the medical service provider upgrades to a newer or specialized type of C-Arm equipment. Some of the many types of used and refurbished C-Arms available include vascular C-Arms, Fluoroscan F-lll, and even the multipurpose Ziehm Exposcop 7000, which is perfect for any type of surgical, orthopedic or pain management application. These are just a very few of the models available as used and refurbished C-Arms. What should be considered when buying new and refurbished C-Arms? Perhaps most importantly when buying new and refurbished C-Arms is to consider the reputation of the seller. Buying these items directly from another hospital or health care facility can be a real issue if something is not working on the unit. A better option is to buy from a company that has been in the business of supplying equipment for medical and health care centers for several years. Buying through a supply company as opposed to a private seller or other health care facilities means that the new and refurbished C-Arms have at least been tested at that facility by individuals that are knowledgeable on how the equipment should operate. These companies also repair any damaged equipment and even complete the minor cosmetic issues that may be found on the equipment. When you, as the buyer, receive the item it will look basically new unlike what may happen if you by a used but not refurbished piece of equipment from someone else. How are used and refurbished C-Arms typically sold? As with any type of equipment, used and refurbished C-Arms are typically sold as is. This doesn't mean that the company selling the used and refurbished C-Arms don't stand behind the product; it is a standard way of selling any type of used equipment. The company selling the used and refurbished C-Arms have completed all repairs and are selling the equipment in good working order as it leaves their facility. All repairs are made with the correct parts from the original manufacturer, allowing an additional guarantee that the repairs are complete and have the equipment in excellent working condition. A reputable company will provide the option of having the buyer purchase a warranty that can give you the peace of mind that you would get with purchasing a new C-Arm. The warranty is typically priced over and above the cost of the used and refurbished C-Arm.

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