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I already have a HVAC system in my home and office, do I need to completely replace it to install any type UV air cleaners?

Monday, October 12, 2009

There is no need to completely install a new system if you wish to use a UV air cleaner such as the UV Air Cleaner 4400 or any other HVAC UV air cleaner. This is because the systems are all designed for retrofitting, simply requiring an installation in the air conditioning coils to eliminate the molds, bacteria, yeast and other contaminants that are found in those damp, humid and warm conditions. These systems are designed to work with either exterior-mounted types of UV air cleaners or mounted directly, which is called nested, into the existing system. The design of the UV air cleaners allows a full range of light 360 degrees around the unit, providing a very comprehensive air sterilization process.
Keep in mind that the UV air cleaners work on more than just the coil area. The HVAC system itself is kept clean including drip pans and drains. This ensures that spores from these traditional problem areas are not blown through the system and spread throughout the facility.
What about energy efficiency; doesn't the UV Air Cleaner 4400 or other types of UV air cleaner systems actually cost a lot to operate?
In virtually all cases the cost of the operation of the UV Air Cleaner 4400 or any other type of UV air cleaner system is going to be more than offset by the increase in indoor air quality, the increase in productivity on the job and the increase in efficiency of the HVAC system. This is because the system itself is not under attack from bacteria, yeast and molds that can inhibit cooling and efficiency, resulting in more electricity to keep the temperature managed.
UV air cleaner systems have been linked in studies by the EPA, McGill University, Journal of Asthma and the Air and Waste Management Association as dramatically reducing the cost of illness to companies, in some cases by as much as 20% with just a short study period.
How difficult is it to change out the UV lights in UV air cleaners?
New designs in soft glass UV lamps have made changing these lights a very simple and easy process that doesn't require any special tools or skills. Soft glass combines barium silicate as a surface treatment on the inside of the bulb, which allows the lamp to emit more UV even during continual use than traditional types of UV bulbs. In addition these bulbs don't produce ozone, making them a great option for use in any facility. Changing the bulbs in UV air cleaners is done about every 12 months, however there is no need to clean the bulbs between changes. They are changed just like a fluorescent bulb and should be disposed of in the same fashion. Hospitals or other medical facilities that require UV air cleaner systems for infectious disease control should change out the tubes more frequently as required by specific guidelines.

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