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Do all buildings have mold but not all people are actually sensitive enough to have respiratory and health problems due to mold in the enviroment?

Friday, October 09, 2009

In general all buildings and facilities, including private homes, schools, hospitals, long term care facilities, prisons, offices and stores all have some level of mold and mold spores in the air. UV air purifiers, if used either as stand alone units are as part of the HVAC air system in the building can significantly reduce the number of mold spores and mold colonies in any given building or room.

UV air purifiers are really essential in HVAC systems as they work to eliminate mold, yeast and bacteria from developing in the air conditioning coils. The drain pans and coils are an ideal location for these contaminants to grow as the area is dark, moist and typically very warm. Without the use of air purifiers with UV lights, these coils and the drains around them produce huge amounts of airborne spores and contaminants that are then blown throughout the building with the warm or cool air.

Not all molds in the air are harmful but it definitely is problematic for individuals. UV air purifiers reduce the viable spores, ensuring that the mold cannot grow and form new colonies, dramatically reducing the respiratory problems within a few weeks of use.

Can UV air purifiers reduce or eliminate black mold?

Black mold is considered to be the most problematic of all the molds, resulting in serious health complications and long term health effects with constant exposure. The correct name for black mold is Aspergillus Niger, and UV air purifiers that use high power UV lights are considered to be essential in completely remediating homes, office buildings and other facilities that have been found to have been contaminated with black mold.

It is also important to note that according to the Environmental Protection Agency exposure to molds and other irritants and contaminants in the air can actually not be seen immediately, but may cause serious health complications in later years. The length of exposure over time combined with the type of contaminant as well as any pre-existing respiratory or health conditions will all affect how significantly poor air quality impacts an individual.

What are other common molds besides black mold that UV air purifiers can reduce or eliminate?

There are several different types of molds that can be eradicated through the use of an ultraviolet air purifier. Two common types of molds and fungal spores found in indoor air are Penicillium italicum and Cladosporium. Penicillium italicum is a plant type of fungus that is often found as the bluish green fungus growing on citrus fruits that have spoiled. Cladosporium has 40 different species that are typically found in rotting organic matter such as plants and wood materials as well as soil. Both of these types of molds can produce very extreme reactions in those with respiratory problems or related allergies. Using UV air purifiers to prohibit the growth of spores and reduce existing colonies is essential to cut down on respiratory problems.

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