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What types of institutions, agencies, facilities or buildings would most benefit from a UV air sanitizer system?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In reality there are very few public buildings, private facilities and even private homes that would not benefit from some type of UV air sanitizer systems. The vast majority of buildings, regardless of their use will develop mold issues as well as airborne contaminants no matter how well kept and maintained they may be. The major problem with mold and airborne contaminants that may trigger respiratory problems or even increase the likelihood of viral and bacterial problems is that they are often found in areas that are not highly visible and areas that may not be cleaned on a regular basis. Leaving even a small area untreated can provide an opportunity for various types of microorganisms to continue to reproduce and spread, leading to reoccurring and highly drug resistant types of health concerns. Is it true that an ultraviolet air sanitizer can actually kill drug resistant Staphylococcus outbreaks? Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas (MRSA) is considered to be highly problematic in hospitals, detention facilities, schools, public buildings and even in gyms and other facilities. It is a type of bacteria that contributes to problems with infections in hospitals and in other public areas and it is very resistant to any type of drug treatment. It is also incredibly easy to transfer from patient or person to person, even a slight blemish or scratch on the surface of the skin can provide enough for the bacteria to enter the body and start causing significant health problems and even death in already ill individuals. UV air sanitizers have been proven in laboratory tests to be 99.9% effective at destroying the Staphylococcus aureas in approximate 5 minutes at a range of eight feet around the mobile UV air sanitizer. At the seventeen foot range the same high destruction percentage was noted at about the ten minute mark. This allows any room to be treated for the Staphylococcus aureas that may be present in the air, while alcohol wipes and disinfectant is equally as effective at treating it on surfaces. The duel action of surface cleaning plus UV air sanitizers is ideal for any type of area where Staph or other bacterial or viral diseases may be an issue. Don't air conditioners have filters and other types of cleaning options for treating the air? Many air conditioning systems do have filters; however they typically filter out only the very largest of the irritants and allergens that may be present in the air you breathe. Many people mistakenly believe that indoor air is actually clean, when in fact the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that indoor air can have two to five times the number of pollutants found in outdoor air. Ultraviolet air sanitizers kill the germs, bacteria, molds and the yeast that can also be found in the air, all which may contribute to respiratory problems, chronic illness and overall loss in productivity and health for everyone working or living within the facility or home.

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