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Why are some children chronically sick with cold-like symptoms and what can be done in the home or school?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Children, especially those with asthma, allergies or respiratory problems in their family are often much more sensitive to irritants and allergens in the air than adults. Unfortunately homes, schools and other public places where children tend to gather are often full of these types of allergens and irritants. UV sterilization is one way that parents and school systems can provide improved indoor air quality or IAQ for their children. Ultraviolet sterilization actually destroys or deactivates the molds, viruses, germs and bacteria that may be triggering both asthma and allergic reactions, plus it can also help to cut down on the risk of flu epidemics. Since N1H1, Avian flu and even all the very contagious Influenza A strains are more problematic, treating the air and ridding it of contaminants just makes good sense. Since children are estimated to miss 14 million days of school because of asthma related illnesses, this is a very important consideration.
UV sterilizers can be portable units used in specific rooms or facilities, they can be units installed in air conditioning systems to treat the air moving through the system or they can be room sterilizers that are used as a combination of air filters, purifiers and UV sterilizers.
What health benefits can I expect to see with the use of UV sterilization in the home and how quickly will they occur?
In most cases homes, schools and businesses that install ultraviolet sterilization systems in their air conditioning units or as portable units in the building will notice an immediate improvement in air quality and a decrease in odors and irritants in the air. For those units installed in air condition coils continue cleaning of the air around the drip pan, coils and drains will continue to kill and eliminate the yeast, bacteria and mold colonies, increasing the efficiency of the system and preventing mold spores and other contaminants from entering into the rest of the system. This all begins immediately upon operation of the UV sterilization system. Full effects in very contaminated systems are seen within a few months resulting in decreased air quality complaints and odor problems.
Are there any possible harmful effects of UV sterilization around children or adults?
Correctly maintained and installed UV sterilization systems pose no danger to humans, regardless of their age. The units installed in air conditioning systems are designed to prevent any possible exposure and children and adults will have no contact with the UV light emitted by these types of UV sterilization systems. The room systems that feature UV sterilization either have the bulbs sheltered from any potential exposure to humans, or they are designed to have motion detectors that shut off to prevent any accidental exposure.
Specially designed bulbs used in various types of UV sterilization units also do not prevent ozone, ensuring a very safe and healthy environment even during the sterilization cycle.

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