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Is a three wheeled walker good for someone with significant mobility problems?

Monday, November 23, 2009

For most people with mild to moderate mobility problems or for those that just need a bit of support while walking a three wheeled walkers is a great option. They are designed to be very easy to maneuver and turn, and they are great for smaller spaces where the larger two or four wheeled square shaped wheeled walkers may be difficult to use.

Three wheeled walkers may not provide enough support for those with very significant mobility problems. Often individuals that will need to take frequent breaks and may have difficulty in body movement may find the additional stability of a two wheeled walker a better option. The best way to decide is to test drive different models of walkers to determine which one works best for the individual. Try them both indoors as well as outdoors to determine the model and type that is most suitable for the patient.

What types of accessories are available for wheeled walkers?

One of the most common accessories for wheeled walkers includes different sizes and types of wheels and glider attachments. Just like any type of tire or wheel the ones on a walker can become old, plus gliders can become rough or even wear through with continual use. Both wheels and gliders are very easy to change out and are low cost accessories for the wheeled walker.

Pouches and tote bags that hook over the cross brace on a folding or wheeled walker can also be a wonderful accessory to help with transporting purses, purchases and other items. These pouches may be covered or open and can have several compartment or pockets for easy organization and storage. Baskets, which are typically wire or durable plastic, provide a solid type of pouch that makes carrying even heavier objects simple and easy. Like the pouches they are designed to hook onto the cross brace of a two and four wheeled walker or a standard folding walker without wheels.

What is a knee walker and what is it used and designed for?

Knee walkers are unique in that they feature a four wheeled type mechanism that is slightly modified. The front wheels are fairly narrow in spacing when compared to a standard walker and the real wheels are very close together. There is a knee height platform that allows the user to rest one leg on the platform, either right or left, while still using the other leg for mobility. A knee wheeled walker replaces the need for crutches that can cause sores, back pain and general discomfort with extended use.

Wheeled walkers such as knee model of walker can also be adjusted to different heights. Just like standard wheeled walkers they have brakes in the hand grips for safety and also are durable, lightweight and easy to transport. Wheeled knee walkers are an important consideration for those recovering from any type of lower leg or foot injury, surgery or other type of mobility problem.

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