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What is the advantage to a double door type of narcotic safe over a single door model or style?

Friday, November 13, 2009

A double door narcotic safe offers several safety features that are not found with a single door model. The most obvious is that anyone trying to gain entry to the safe with or without keys has to go through two different locks and doors rather than just one. This means that they would have to physically break through two sets of stainless steel or 18 or more gauge steel in order to get to the contents. With a double door narcotic safe there is also more security for staff as they can always lock one door when preparing medications, never leaving the narcotic safe completely open. This type of practice can prevent accidental removal of items if the staff is distracted or called away during this time. What types of locking mechanism are used in a narcotic safe and why? In most typical narcotic safe models either a cam locking mechanism or a tubular locking mechanism is used on the doors. Double locking doors will have two similar locks but both will require a different set of keys. In addition all boxes come with a unique key set, meaning that someone having a key for a similar model of box will only have access to that one specific box. This can be very important in hospitals and health care facilities with high staff turn over and the possibility of lots of keys in circulation. Locks used in the high quality narcotic safe models are also designed to resist being picked. This is an important feature as thefts from narcotic safe boxes are a real concerns for health care facilities. What type of storage space is available inside a narcotic safe? Depending on the size and type of narcotic safe there may be a fairly large amount of storage space or a relatively small space available. Typically the smaller the size of narcotic safe the fewer the number of shelves, with some cabinets under 12 inches in height not having any fixed or adjustable shelves. Larger narcotic safes may have two, three or four shelves, some models which may be adjustable while others may be fixed. Different facilities will need more or less storage space in a narcotic safe. It is better to consider one larger safe than have several smaller cases as this allows for central control and monitoring of keys and access to the narcotic safe. Is a narcotic safe covered under any type of warranty? Generally most manufacturers will provide a warranty against manufacturer's defects for a period of time after the purchase of the narcotic safe. In a great many cases this warranty will extend to up to five years from the time of purchase, but it is not comprehensive against all possible issues with the safe that may occur due to misuse, incorrect installation or other issues. It will cover any defects in the safe that prevent the proper functioning and use of the safe, provided the narcotic safe has not be modified or changed after the purchase was made.

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