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What makes a Rollator walker a good choice in mobility equipment?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rollator walkers have an outstanding reputation as walkers that are designed for safety, security and mobility. They are durable and long lasting, plus they are backed by some of the best warranties found in wheeled or folding walkers. In addition Rollator offers a wide range of walker types including two, three and four wheeled options. One of the major advantageous of a Rollator walker is that they are all designed to be very lightweight. Most models are well under 20 pounds and can easily be moved about by most individuals for storage and transportation. What are some key features of Rollator walkers? One key feature that makes a Rollator walker a popular choice is that the walkers are designed to be very durable but also look great and stand up to average wear and tear. They also have various frame colors from blue to teal and red or chrome colors. Upholstery on the flip up seat and backrest will be padded and very durable, providing a comfortable spot to rest if needed. Additional features include wire baskets for carrying items, soft totes and easy to change out wheels. Most models use a loop looking brake that operates similar to a bicycle break. There is also a locking feature that can be engaged when the individual is sitting on the walker or doesn't want to move. Brakes are easily released when movement is required. The walkers are designed to support set weight and height amounts with adjustments between approximately 31 and 36 inches for handlebar height, depending on the specific model and type of Rollator walker. In addition Rollator walker options also come in bariatric models that are wider through the frame, have a wider seat as have a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. These models are also slightly heavier and will weigh approximately 29 pounds to provide the stability necessary for slightly heavier individuals. Are their warranties included for Rollator walkers and what does the warranty cover? In general and based on the specific model of Rollator walker the warranty time will be different on specific components of the walker. Some models have three year warranties on the frame and brakes and one year warranties on all other features of the walker. The knee walker actually has a lifetime limited warranty, and other walkers will have various types of warranties and options. Generally additions and extras to the walker are not covered by warranty. How easy are Rollator walkers to adjust for different sizes of users? Many of the Rollator walker models offer tool free adjustment for height on the handles and the seat. Those that do require tools are still very easy to adjust, tighten and maintain as fasteners are designed to stay tight and not work loose with use. As with any type of mobility device it is recommended that all adjustments be checked on a routine basis and tightened if necessary to prevent any possible safety issues while in use.

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