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How noisy is a centrifugal machine and how much do they move around when they are being used?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The new models and designs of centrifugal machines are built to be very quiet when in use. Like all lab equipment that is constantly operated it is essential to look for quiet options to keep the work environment as comfortable and noise free as possible. Cooling fans on the motors and vibration free operation have ended the days of the noisy centrifuge, even with the larger sized equipment. New bases that include suction type feet and non-skid base materials have also ended the movement of the machine. In the past, models would often shimmy across a work surface as the centrifuge spun, creating more problems and limiting the area the equipment could be used. Now, with the more modern style, the centrifugal machine is safe to use anywhere without the need for permanent attachment to the workspace surface.

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