Monday, January 18, 2010

How versatile is a C-Arm table for a smaller clinic, hospital or healthcare facility?

A C-Arm table is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces if equipment for any size of hospital, healthcare facility or patient treatment clinic. The optional C-Arm equipment that can easily mount over or on any C-Arm table means that this particular piece of equipment can be used in a variety of types of imaging, surgical, diagnostic and treatment ways. The many different positioning options on C-Arm tables easy adjust the table's position and height, perfect for working with stationary or ceiling mounted equipment.
In general a C-Arm table will have a higher than average weight capacity, with many models rated to suit patients up to 500 pounds. his means that these tables are ideal for bariatric facilities or healthcare services with bariatric patients.
What are some of the unique functions found on different models and styles of C-Arm tables?
Depending on the model, make and manufacturer, a C-Arm table can come with a variety of different options that make operating and using the table very easy and convenient. Some models come with a digital LED display that is mounted on the side of the table. This allows for immediate and real time viewing of the specific position of the table on all axes and also allows for pre-programming several different table positions which can be selected with the simple push of a button.
Carbon-fiber C-Arm table models may also offer several additional functions or features that make these styles of table ideal for pain management and imaging work. The table is extremely durable and also offers a maximum range of positioning for ease of staff access to the patient. These tables can be raised and lowered to between 25 and 43 inches, ideal for any requirements.
The metal free imagining space is also an important feature or function to be considered when selecting a C-Arm table. Some models offer a standard metal free area for imaging while others offer extended surfaces of up to 56 or more inches. These tables all work with standard C-Arm imaging systems, making them very versatile.
What accessories can be purchased for a C-Arm table?
There are several different additional items or accessories that will work with many of the standard types of C-Arm tables. A very practical and space efficient type of accessory is a carbon fiber arm board. This device, which folds in two for easy storage, simply slides under the pad on a C-Arm table to allow the arm or the leg to be positioned for imaging. The carbon surface provides a metal free environment for imaging, without bulky arm rests that are permanently in place on the C-Arm table.
A butterfly pillow is a great option for providing additional patient comfort while they are positioned on the C-Arm table. This inflatable pillow can be adjusted for each patient, ensuring that the neck and back is kept in a comfortable and correct position for imagining or treatment.

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