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What is an average use for a laboratory standard sized centrifugal machine?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Different models of centrifugal machines offer different options for use. Some of the combination styles of machines have the added feature of being able to spin test tubes, capillary tubes or even the very tiny microtubes. This is done by a series of internal rotors that can be easily popped in and out by the technician. This versatility means that one centrifuge can provide service for a wide range of testing options.
Tachometers that are built into many of the new styles of centrifugal machines allow technicians to select the rotation speed and also go to a very fast spin to an almost immediate stop. Readings are also quickly available, meaning these centrifuge machines save both time and the need to re-spin and repeat tests. Safety shut offs are essential for lab safety and the don't unlock until the lid is securely in place and locked to the top of the unit. Many have a clear lid or viewing compartment for easy visibility into the centrifuge at all times during the operation. Settings can range from anything over zero rmps to up to twelve thousand on the highest settings in some models.

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