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If I have a wide or narrow face do I have options in selecting a type of safety eyewear that will fit and be comfortable to wear?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Depending on the style and type of safety eyewear you are considering there are definitely options available for those individuals with very wide or very narrow faces. The vast majority of all adults can wear the same size of glass frames, which makes shopping for supplies for a laboratory or medical facility simple and straight forward. However, individuals with very narrow or wide faces will have difficulty with standard sizes of protective glasses. Individuals with wide faces will find the glasses tight and uncomfortable while those with narrow faces will not have much protection because of the large gaps between the glasses and face. Having a few glasses that are suited for these different face sizes is a good option in a small or large hospital or lab facility. If you are in doubt check with the manufacturer about the head sizes the glasses fit, they will be able to provide information on sizing. Are there men's and ladies styles of safety eyewear or is it all the same? In general safety eyewear is designed to be unisex or equally wearable for both men and women. However, men do tend to have wider faces and women may have smaller and narrower faces, which lends to different styles fitting more specifically for different genders. Typically the aviator styles of safety eyewear with bigger frames and larger lenses are best suited to those with larger faces, while smaller, narrower faces often are best suited to the wrap around styles of glasses. Colors can also be a factor in choosing for males and females. Some safety eyewear is only available in standard colors such as clear, black or brown which can be worn by either men or women. Some companies make very distinctive colors in their safety eyewear including pink, bright blue, green, red or even the tortoise shell colors, which may be suitable more for a man or a women depending on personal tastes and favorite colors. How much do most types of safety eyewear cost and how long are they under warranty for? A high quality pair of safety eyewear is an investment in your eyesight and your overall safety. Most types of these highly specialized glasses are under two hundred dollars, however some of the progressive lens types of prescription safety glasses are slightly more expensive. When considering cost it is essential to keep in mind that these glasses are designed to be both wear and scratch resistant, typically lasting for years with just a minimal amount of care. Manufacturers of the best type of safety eyewear offer warranties with their glasses. The leaders in the industry offer two years of full warranty, which covers typically use of the glasses. If you do have prescription glasses the warranty will not apply for changes in your prescription, but it will cover other types of defects in the glasses. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.

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Why are safety glasses side shields important for both prescription and non prescription safety eyewear?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Safety shields on safety glasses provide additional protection from both chemical splashes, debris and radiation. While not as comprehensive in their protection as goggles, they do add an additional level of safety when working in a variety of environment both within and outside of medical imaging rooms and research labs. Leaded safety glasses side shields help to reduce the exposure of the eye to any type of radiation used in medical treatments as well as x-ray and imaging rooms. Even though the majority of radiation exposure is to the front of the lens, additional protection on the side helps to dramatically reduced any chance of radiation related eye health problems over time. For general eye protection from debris or contact with liquids in the form of chemical splashes, side shields are also helpful. While they don't provide the tight fit with the skin that goggles do the wider area over the outside corner of the eye to the temple is protected from direct contact with flying debris, particles or even liquids, allowing you a greater level of safety. What styles are available in safety glasses with side shields? Like most types of safety glasses, side shields on the frames come in a variety of styles. A popular style is the Euro style which is more like aviator glasses. The glasses themselves are lightweight yet also very durable with a rounded, larger lens area. The side shields are typically clear and provide good protection to the open area between the outside of the frame and the temple area. A more wrap around or streamlined type of fit is also possible. These types of glasses are narrower and more rectangular in shape than the Euro style but they still allow a full, large lens area for easy visibility. The frames may be just over the tops of the lenses or they may completely surround the lenses. The side shields can be clear or they can be incorporated into the style and color of the frame, more in keeping with a sunglass design or style. These glasses are great for wearing under caps or protective headgear and can have straight arms or traditional hooked type arms with or without options for adjustment at the temples. Are there any safety glasses with side shields available to wear over prescription glasses? Yes, if you don't want to have a separate pair of prescription safety glasses with side shields you can choose a design that fits comfortably over your prescription glasses. These styles are typically more of the wrap around style but they are carefully developed to avoid putting pressure on your other glasses, allowing you to wear both pairs with comfort. These glasses may have different options for frame colors, as do some of the prescription options. They are also available in different sizes to correctly fit the width of the face. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.


Are all leaded glasses prescription lenses or are there non-prescription options?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Leaded glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Even styles that are marketed or tagged as prescription leaded or lead glasses can usually be ordered with no prescription requirement. The lenses in the non-prescription version of the glasses, like the prescription lenses, are made with a polycarbonate component that is very scuff and scratch resistant, literally providing a lightweight protective coating on the lens itself. If you are ordering with a prescription you simply provide the prescription type at the time you place the order. Prescription lenses come in a range of options. Single vision prescriptions are common but so are bifocals. For those that don't want the line between bifocal areas of the lens a progressive lens is a great option. This is typically an essential consideration for those that wear the glasses constantly. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161. I have heard that leaded glasses are heavy and uncomfortable to wear, is this a concern? Historically the first use of radiation in medical and research facilities did include some really heavy, clunky and very uncomfortable leaded glasses. Modern technology has done away with all that and now most leaded glasses have frames that are less than 90 grams, so they are always lightweight even if you are constantly working in an area with radiation. New styles that include customizable fit, hydrophilic pads around the nose as well as anti-slip molded frames to ensure comfort even with long wear times. Having a comfortable fit is essential with these important safety types of eyewear. After all if the leaded glasses aren't comfortable technicians, doctors and specialists are much less likely to wear them on a regular basis, leading to increasing risk of eye health conditions due to radiation exposure. What choices do I have in customizing leaded glasses? Besides choosing the specific type of lens prescription there are different options for customizing your leaded glasses depending on your needs. Some styles have side shields for added protection while others are more typically of a standard sunglass or prescription wrap around style of eyewear. Choosing different frame styles and colors is also an option with many different types of glasses. Different colors can be used to keep glasses easy to identify as well as to add that personal touch. Typical color options range from blue, clear, black or brown frames to green, tortoise or silver. Is there any kind of warranty with leaded glasses? High quality leaded glasses typically come with a manufacturer's warranty. This will vary depending on the company that makes the glasses but it is common for the warranty to be two years. This ensures that any damage or malfunction of the glasses will result in a no-cost replacement based on the specific language in the warranty. This warranty does not cover changes in your prescription or eyesight, but it will apply to both prescription and non-prescription lenses. To order prescription leaded glasses, please print out and complete an online prescription form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.

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How do I know what size of Rx safety glasses I should order?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There are standard styles and sizes of Rx safety glasses available. Just like regular glass frames they are fairly standard in their sizing for adults, with options that allow for adjustment at the temples with spring fitting arms as well as the option to shorten or lengthen the arms. Most standard sizes of these safety glasses will fit all adults very comfortable, especially if you are only required to wear them for shorter periods of time during the day. There are some styles of glasses that are designated for individuals with small or narrow faces or those with wider faces. These differentiations can be important considerations if you are concerned about a specific fit or if you have difficulty in wearing standard types of Rx glasses. If you aren't sure what size to consider check with the manufacturer and you may be able to find a store or medical supply company in your area that would provide the opportunity for you to try on different styles to see which fit is the best. What frame styles and options are available? Depending on the specific type of Rx safety glasses there are different options for frame styles and color options available. Some come with clear frames and lenses, perfect for providing an unobstructed view while still looking very stylish. There are also other styles and brands of Rx safety glasses that have several different frame colors to choose from. These not only include the traditional colors of black and brown but also blue, green, red and tortoise shell, a great option for personalizing your safety eyewear. Another important consideration in Rx safety eyewear is the use of side shields. In leaded glasses, which protect the eye from radiation, these side shields are essential. Determining what type of use requirements you have for your glasses will help you determine which frame styles and options are best for your individual needs. Of course you can also have more than one type of safety glasses or you may even want to consider glasses combined with goggles for complete protection from chemical splashes and common types of debris. How do I provide my Rx and what types of lenses can they provide? Rx safety glasses come in all the same types of Rx as your regular reading glasses. If you need leaded glasses you can also order the glasses without a Rx lens if you have normal eyesight. For those that need Rx the glasses are available in singe vision or bifocal, which does leave the visible break between the close and distant vision aspects of the lens. A progressive lens, which allows a gradual change between support of close or far objects is a great idea for someone that is having to change their focus while wearing the Rx safety glasses. This type of lens is not much more than single vision or bifocal and can really make wearing the glasses for long periods of time much easier on the eyes. To order Rx safety glasses, please print out and complete our online Rx form and fax it back to 713-706-4161.

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