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Cervical Traction Unit

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is there a neck traction apparatus that consists of a neck brace that attaches to a cord then to a weight (a bag with water in it) to stretch the neck and relieve pressure on pinched nerves? It comes with the brace, a cord, some pulleys with hooks that attach to the ceiling and a bag that you put water in to get the amount required for the desired weight? I had one some time ago but have been unable to find one since. There are a number of Cervical Traction Units designed to meet your specific requirements. Follow the links below to evaluate some of these items: Deluxe Over-Door Traction Kit This item features:
  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel construction.
  • Vinyl water bag is double-seated for durability; has 20 lbs. capacity marked in 2 lbs. increments .
  • Include universal-sized heavy-duty head halter with metal support rings and Velcro closure. * Complete with vinyl weight bag, over-door clamp, pulley assembly, adjustable 12" spreader bar, 8" traction rope and "S"-hook.

Exo Overhead Traction Unit This item features:

  • Features 20 lbs. Water Weight Bag.
  • Two inch nylon pulleys with polypropylene cord assure smooth, resistance-free action.
  • Includes Diskard head halter, spreader bar, rope and instructions.

Neck Pro Over Door Cervical Traction Unit This item features:

  • Precision made compression spring and unique ratcheting device deliver a more precise amount of cervical traction tension.
  • Each click of the ratchet signals a 1lb (0.5 kg) increase in the tension being applied, which allows patients to monitor and track their settings, thus providing a positive outcome.

Traction Set This item features:

  • Over-the-door style. 20 lb heat-sealed latex water bag.
  • Velcro head halter.

Hope that helps you.


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