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Cleaning a Nebulizer Machine

Friday, January 06, 2006

I lost the instructions that came with my nebulizer breathing machine and I need to clean it. Do you have some general cleaning information I can use? Thank you. Follow the list of instructions below and you’ll be able to clean your nebulizer in a satisfactory manner. However, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer of your nebulizer. The manufacturer should be able to provide you with the owner’s manual and/or instructions. You’ll need these to follow specific cleaning instructions for your specific model. In the meantime, following these instructions will be sufficient:

  1. Remove the mask or mouthpiece and T-shaped elbow from the cup of your nebulizer machine. Remove the tubing and set it aside. The tubing should not be washed or rinsed.
  2. Rinse the mask or mouthpiece and T-shaped elbow in warm, running water for 30 seconds. Use distilled or sterile water for rinsing, if possible.
  3. Shake off excess water and air dry on a clean cloth or paper towel.
  4. Put the mask or mouthpiece and T-shaped elbow, cup, and tubing back together, and connect the device to the compressor. Run the nebulizer machine for 10 to 20 seconds to dry the inside of it.
  5. Disconnect the tubing from the compressor. Make sure every part of the nebulizer machine is dry before storing it.
  6. Place a cover over the compressor.

Hope that helps. If you need further instructions, click the link below:

How to Clean a Nebulizer Machine

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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