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Why Do I Get to Take Home a Spirometer after being in the hospital?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Like a door prize from your hospital stay, most people will have to use a spirometer when they are recuperating. At first, the nurses or the doctor might have you try out the spirometers whenever they come to check in on you. If you are having troubles with your breathing or your measurements get lower, you might be taken for additional tests to make sure your lungs and throat are okay. Too often, pulmonary emboli can occur from sitting too long after a surgery, so this tool allows medical practitioners the chance to make sure this doesn't happen.
Will the Spirometer Strengthen My Lungs?
While it might seem like using spirometers is a lot of work for your lungs (at first), this really isn't meant to be a strengthening tool. The measurements can be inspiring and they can certainly help you focus on breathing in and out more deeply, but only exercise and activity can really strengthen your lungs and increase your lung capacity. Of course, if your lungs are severely compromised, the device can help you a little to build up the strength, but after a while, this effect goes away. Check with your doctor before trying anything strenuous, especially after surgery.

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