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Why Do I Need an Oxygen Regulator?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If you've never used or needed an oxygen regulator before now, it's a fair assumption that you will have a number of questions that you need answered before you can get started. Here are some of the most common questions about oxygen regulators answered for you. When you need to have a steady supply of oxygen on hand, the oxygen regular is going to help you ensure that the flow from the oxygen tank is steady and that your tank is full enough for you to use over a certain period of time. You can't run out of oxygen for long, so oxygen regulators help by keeping track of your flow so that you know when to change the tank or when you hit a certain level of oxygen. No matter if you use a small or a large tank, you need the regulator attached to the main tank so that you can always know what your tank is doing and what changes you might need to make to the flow or to the tank itself. Because more and more people can use portable oxygen tanks, the oxygen regulator has become easier to read. While you will still want to pore over the manual that comes with it as well as talk to the supplier of your oxygen tank, these regulators are simple to read with a little practice. The numbers are large and easy to make out, while also coming in colors that are simple to differentiate, even if you have poorer vision. Oxygen regulators are used in conjunction with other oxygen supplies:

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