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What Exam Table Features are Helpful?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

While some exam tables may look the same, they certainly are not the same. With different features, an exam table can easily adjust itself for the child patient and their parent. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about a medical exam table. Many an exam table comes with features like:
  • An assortment of colors – Since the patient needs to feel at ease, choosing a more subdued color for the exam table can help the room seem more home-like than hospital or doctor office-like.
  • Pneumatic adjustment – The simple controls that move the exam table from an upright to a level position help the patient move easily at any point of the exam.
  • Extension capability – For taller patients, the ability to increase the length of the table becomes a necessary feature. The extension comes out from underneath the table itself and above the storage in the bottom.
  • High weight capacity – If patients tend to be larger in size, having a higher weight capacity (up to 500 pounds) can be helpful for everyone's comfort. Patients can feel secure on these heavy duty exam tables. This is especially convenient in gastric bypass clinics and obstetric offices.
When looking at the various exam tables, you need to recognize that these aren't just built with the patient in mind. The doctor can benefit too:
  • Sterile environment – A doctor who is performing a procedure can do so on the sterile environment that the exam table provides. Whether the office uses table paper or just regularly cleans the surface, this area is ready for the patient.
  • Easy reach – Instead of having to bend down to the patient, the patient will be within arm's reach of the doctor, lessening any discomfort or injury from repeated patient exams.
  • Accessories – With pelvic examination stirrups and a pneumatic adjustment system, the table can help the doctor position the patient correctly for the visit.
  • Storage – When the table includes drawers, the doctor doesn't have to get up for the accessories and instruments they need.
The exam table provides a number of functions:
  • Positioning of patient – By moving the backs of exam tables up and down, the patient can not only be comfortable for long exams, but they can also be positioned and repositioned as necessary.
  • Positioning of other parts of the body – With the addition of leg stirrups, women can easily get into the proper position for gynecological exams.
  • Warming of tools – A special drawer in the examination table can help to warm necessary tools so that

Whether you choose to use table paper or to use medical grade cleanser, exam tables are very easy to clean and to maintain. With a smooth surface, it's more difficult for germs to 'hide' on the exam table and infect subsequent patients.

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