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Which Institutions Offer Hydrotherapy with Whirlpool Bath Tubs?

Monday, April 21, 2008

With hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tub, you can not only provide your patients with a relaxing way to complete their rehabilitation prescription, but you can help to improve their health in a simple and fun manner.
A hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tub can be used in a variety of settings. The larger bath tubs that can immerse the entire body as generally easier to use in a hospital setting where the tub can be secured to a section permanently, but smaller foot and extremity bathtubs work well in the home and in the hospital settings. Sports medicine clinics, rehab facilities, diabetic clinics, and other related medical offices can and do use these hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tubs to help in their patient care and recovery. The higher edges of the hydrotherapy whirlpool bath tub will help to ensure that patients are secure in the full body bathtubs, while the thermometer will allow the caregiver to monitor the temperature for the bath and the therapy. The casters will also be able to lock into position to keep the tub in one place as the patient is using the bath tub. You might also want to make sure that the whirlpool bath tubs you choose have a lifetime guarantee on the ball bearings of the casters as you want to ensure that even heavier patients have a safe experience. An easy to empty tub portion will also help to ready the tub for the next patient.

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