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Who Should Use Athletic & Sports Whirlpool Tubs?

Monday, April 21, 2008

While it's fairly obvious why you might want to use athletic & sports whirlpool tubs in your current sports medicine practice or in your training career, others have questions about how to choose the right athletic & sports whirlpool tub for their needs as well as how to use them properly for the maximum benefit. Here are some of the most common questions that get asked The best place to add an athletic & sports whirlpool tub is in the locker room or in the rehabilitation room where you perform most of your therapy. This way, you can attend to two patients at the same time in my cases. As one person uses the tub, you might be working with another on their range of motion. This kind of arrangement helps to make you more efficient in your work, while also putting the athlete right in the middle of any rehabilitation equipment you might need to help them heal. Nearly anyone can use athletic & sports whirlpool tubs so long as they are able to easily get into and out of the tubs. If this is problematic, you may want to invest in a sort of lift system for the athletic & sports whirlpool tub or you might want to have steps that lead up to and into the tub itself. By reducing the impact on the athlete, they're not going to become injured any further. If the athlete is able to use the tub without incident, those with these sorts of injuries will benefit the most:
  • Muscle strains and pulls
  • Ankle strains and sprains
  • Some fractures (after an x-ray has determined the fracture is not going to move during the therapy)
  • Overall muscle soreness

In these injuries, the injury site will require more blood to circulate in order to advance the healing. By sitting in the athletic & sports whirlpool tub, the affected area will be massaged gently by the water jets, which helps to promote the blood flow and the oxygen to the injury.

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