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Who should wear protective lead aprons in the medical and dental fields?

Friday, August 29, 2008

The answer to that question is pretty simple. Absolutely everyone who is in the vicinity of the x-ray machine or in the room should be protected with lead aprons. That means the patient should be covered as much as possible and still able to get the needed x-ray images. The technician should certainly be protected as much as possible to leave the tech able to do his or her job. It’s easy to become lax about this important safety measure if you do it day in and day out, but that kind of radiation exposure is extremely dangerous which makes lead protection essential. It’s also a good idea to keep untrained people out of the x-ray departments and rooms.

What types of specialty lead aprons are available?

Fortunately, medical and dental manufacturers have seen the need for various and specialized lead aprons. For women, lead aprons designed to protect the growing fetuses in pregnant women are common. Some dentists or doctors may even have considered the needs of their large breasted patients and have lead aprons sufficiently designed to protect the entire area. Of course, women aren’t the only patients who need a little extra care and protection. Aprons are made for men that shield the groin area, as it is a known fact that radiation can do serious harm to a man’s reproductive system. You also can’t forget about the littlest patients. Lead aprons from the newborn size on up to cover the teenage years are available to ensure that young patients are properly cared for as well.

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How will a digital dental x-ray fit in with the other dental and office equipment in my practice currently?

You don’t have to do a major overhaul on every piece of equipment in your office in order to make good use of a digital dental x-ray machine. These kinds of x-ray machines are useful all on their own or they can be used as base for the rest of your digital dental equipment. It also isn’t necessary to decide right away if you want to go all digital either. It’s very easy, as well as cost effective, to piece together more modern medical equipment if you like. There is no problem with having stellar, new technology for x-rays and keeping your old way of doing things if that works out better for you. Are there any safety concerns to worry about with a digital dental x-ray? You have likely already heard or read about the many advantages to having a digital dental x-ray machine in your medical office. You will also be pleased to learn that these machines use less radiation than traditional models. That is very good news for you, your staff, and your patients. Of course, you will still want to follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions in terms of safety procedures, but overall lower radiation is a good thing. It’s also a wonderful selling point when you are describing the machine to your patients.

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How can a digital dental x-ray machine save my dental practice money and space?

Most of the time, when you think about buying a new, technology driven product and the first concern is money. New products don’t tend to be money savers, especially on the front end. However, with this innovative way to take x-rays, you are spared the expense of processing film and the other costly dental supplies necessary to make a traditional x-ray machine work. Your dental office will also save money in employee time. Getting picture perfect images is faster and frees up time for other projects, which is certainly a money saver.

One complaint that is often heard about traditional x-ray machines is how much space they take up. A digital dental x-ray machine is smaller and more compact than traditional x-ray machines and will fit in your limited space much easier.

What kind of quality can I expect to get out of a new or even refurbished digital dental x-ray machine?

It’s not going to come as any surprise to you, considering you went to dental school and all, to learn that teeth are pretty small in the grand scheme of things. That means that you need detailed x-ray images of the entire mouth interior in order to accurately detect and treat problems. You will be thrilled to find out that digital technology allows for sharper x-ray images than the more traditional methods. Especially with those hard to see, and reach, places in between the teeth, finding cavities and other common problems will take less time because of the improved quality of the x-ray images. The speed you can expect to have the images in is pretty important as well.

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What are the best uses for cotton pliers or forceps?

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to find useful applications for cotton pliers. With their tapered portions and comfortable angle from the handle, it’s pretty easy to see how these tools can be utilized. Forceps are outstanding for delivering liquid medication to infected teeth or gum sections. Some dentists use forceps to numb parts of the gum in preparation for the anesthesia injection. Cotton pliers also help keep the dental procedure sterile by allowing the dentist to place and remove cotton rolls from the mouth. They can also be used to extract small pieces of mouth debris, like broken tooth in the case of a tooth extraction.
How many different types of dental explorers are needed for a dental office?
Despite their torturous appearance, dental explorers are vital for diagnosing cavities and gum disease, especially when they occur in the hard to see areas in between the teeth. Like many of the other hand held dental instruments, dental explorers are available in all kinds of different sizes and styles. The easiest answer to the question of how many of those styles are needed is really up to each dentist. Some have a favorite few, while other dental professionals are more comfortable having a huge variety of explorers at their disposal.

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What is the function of dental instruments in the modern dental office?

People in every type of job have gotten spoiled by modern technology. There does come a time in every professional’s life when they find that the tools of the past are vital in doing their job correctly. This is certainly true for dentists and other dental professionals. Without the simple, yet necessary tools like cotton pliers, mouth mirrors, and dental explorers, good dental care is impossible. The function of the traditional dental instruments in a modern dental office is to help diagnose problems as well as play an important role in the correction process too. As of yet, there haven’t been any machines that can replace the precision of a well trained dentist with the correct instruments in his or her hands.
How many options are available in mouth mirrors?
Considering that the mouth mirror is the first tool any good dental assistant or dentist reaches for to perform an exam, it’s understandable to want to be sure the most effective is in your medical office. Like everything else, each dental professional has their preference for mouth mirrors. They can be ordered in a variety of lengths and in some cases, the mirrored heads can be found in oval and round shapes as well for the perfect fit in the mouth. Obviously, that feature helps to provide wonderful patient care. Other than the size and shape of the tool, mouth mirrors also come in magnifying or plane glass style. Clearly, magnifying increases the size of the image, while plane glass shows an image in actual size. It’s up to the dentist which type he or she prefers.

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Do the sizes for boot covers work the same way as the sizes for disposable shoe covers?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Disposable shoe covers are made with the one size fits all philosophy. It’s pretty rare to find shoe covers in varying sizes. For extremely small or large shoes, some manufacturers make specialty shoe covers. As for boot covers, they are usually sized more intimately. The assumption is typically made that boot covers will be worn by men. For this reason, boot covers come in sizes like large, extra large, and XX large. They should be able to fit a men’s shoe size from about an 8 to a fifteen or so.

How are boot covers worn?

Boot covers are meant to be placed over work boots like disposable shoe covers are for shoes. They usually have draw ties or elastic at the top to completely protect the floor and boot. Just because boot covers are usually used for more physical work than shoe covers, almost every boot cover make has a traction feature built in.

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What are the main differences between boot covers and disposable shoe covers?

The most obvious difference between boot covers and disposable shoe covers is that one is for protecting shoes and the other for boots. Shoe covers, whether they are used in hospital settings or industrial facilities, are shorter and made to be slipped over the shoe. They can come with non skid material on the bottoms or none at all. Shoe covers are also very good at limiting cross contamination regardless of where they are used. Disposable shoe covers typically aren’t used for outdoor applications.
On the other hand, boot covers can take care of a multitude of jobs. They are made to fit higher on the leg to accommodate the height of the boot. These types of covers almost always have traction built into the soles of the boot cover. It is also important to note that depending on the material used in the construction of the boot cover, the life of the cover will vary.
What materials are used to make boot covers?
The two most common materials used for construction of boot covers are polyethylene and latex. Polyethylene boot covers are durable enough for one use and are clear in appearance. You can rely on their dependability, especially when they are used indoors. When used in a medical setting, these boot covers help to ensure that floor contamination is limited to the area it started in. While not commonly used in the operating room by medical professionals, boot covers are nonetheless vital for cleaning sterile, clean rooms in between uses.
The other commonly used material to make boot covers is latex. Much like the household gloves, these boot covers are usually yellow and very thick. If you are looking for a boot cover that can stand up to just about any harsh condition, this one is the one to order. You will notice that latex boot covers are more expensive than the polyethylene versions.

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Besides paper, what other materials are used to make patient exam gowns?

We have already talked about paper exam gowns in some detail. There are other options as well. All cotton exam gowns are very popular with patients and doctors alike. They are very durable and well worth their price. Even with repeated washings, you can count on pure cotton to feel pleasant to your patient’s skin. For patients with skin allergies, cotton may be about the only thing that doesn’t cause irritation.
The other common choice of fabric made exam gowns is a cotton and polyester blend. These gowns may last a little longer than the all cotton options. Polyester is a pretty durable material. They tend to be hotter to wear than the all cotton variety, but overall, it is a very good choice.
Are exam gowns easy to come by and to use?
It doesn’t matter if you are ordering paper or cloth exam gowns; you won’t have any trouble getting a hold of the products you want. A reputable medical supply company will have a large variety of these gowns to pick from. Many medical offices find it more convenient to have both paper and cotton blend exam gowns on hand. That way, they can be sure their needs are always met.
Paper exam gowns usually come packaged in specific sizes and styles. Each box can contain up to 100 gowns. This makes for very easy access and distribution as the need arises. With the cloth exam gowns, you will want to arrange some kind of service to have your dirty gowns picked up and returned once they have visited a hospital quality laundry facility. Just for the safety of your patients, you will want to ensure that every cloth exam gown is properly laundered before it is used again.

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Are exam gowns just for use in medical offices or do other applications apply?

The most common place to find exam gowns is definitely in general practice offices. In many cases, exam gowns with special features are used in specialty practices. However, it isn’t uncommon to find exam gowns or other exam apparel in chiropractor practices and physical therapy facilities. The gowns could be in long or short. Pants, shorts, and shirts for exams are also very useful. As always it’s best to have a large assortment of sizes and exam types to ensure you are prepared for every patient.
In the paper exam gowns, what is the difference between coated and non coated gowns?
The coated exam gowns are covered with a poly or plastic like covering. The purpose of the coating is to ensure protection from any potentially hazardous fluid material in the doctor’s office.
Non coated paper exam gowns are ideal for situations in which the patient won’t have to wear the gown for very long. Some doctors just prefer to use the non coated versions to cut down on non biodegradable waste. Plain paper exam gowns can be recycled, especially if they aren’t soiled with any hazardous material.

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What are the benefits to the medical staff in using patient gowns?

Understandably, when the subject of patient gowns comes up, the focus is on the patient’s comfort. However, these gowns can provide a great deal of benefit to the doctor and nursing staff. It is much easier to for a medical professional to do their job when easy access to the patient is possible. especially in cases where the patient needs to have a catheter or needs an IV put in, patient gowns can preserve modesty for the patient, but still allow the medical professional to do the necessary work.
With the various styles and designs of patient gowns available, it’s much easier to pick the right one for the different aspects of medicine. Some patient gowns have even been made to allow for changing the gown without having to make the patient sit up in critical cases.
What styles and colors are available in patient gowns?
Just like sterile apparel for medical professionals, it’s possible to find all kinds of colors and patterns available with patient gowns. Everyone from kids to the elderly appreciate feeling like some effort was made in their gown choice. Medical procedures can make patients feel like they are losing their dignity and identity. Providing attractive patient gowns can make a lot of difference.
Patient gowns can be purchased in the traditional white or blue. You can also find all kinds of patterns in unique colors, from a discreet plaid to bright, fun patterns for children. Some doctors even choose to have specially made patient gowns created with the logo of their office or an image that reflects the type of specialty of their practice. It adds a personal touch that simply can’t be duplicated with the standard issue patient gowns.

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What is the true purpose of a patient gown in clinical practice?

While many patients likely feel that patient gowns were designed to make them feel even more awkward than they already do, in reality, patient gowns are used to preserve as much modesty of the patient as possible, while allowing the doctors and nurse the access they need to properly care for the patient. With proper precautions and use, the medical professionals can limit both the physical and emotional discomfort of the patient.
What is the best material to have patient gowns made from?
The right material for the patient gowns in your practice is going to depend on the type of medicine practiced, the location of a good hospital quality laundry service, and your personal preference. Paper gowns are usually used for in office exams and relatively quick procedures. However, many doctors prefer to have their patients as comfortable as possible and try to have cloth patient gowns on hand whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to stock several different sizes for the best fit of all of your patients.
The standard cloth patient gowns you will find are typically made from cotton or a cotton polyester blend material.

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Do hospital gowns come in different styles and designs?

One of the biggest advantages to using well made hospital gowns is that you can buy them specially made for all kinds of different uses. Certain gowns are made to allow for easier IV placement and care. These gowns normally have snaps located on the sleeves and shoulders of the hospital gowns. Those snaps allow the medical professional to simply move the material out of the way for care. Nursing gowns have a similar design so new moms learning to nurse their infants can expose their breasts easily and with only one hand. There are other types of hospital gowns made for use in surgery. Many hospitals try to stock hospital gowns designed for the genders as well. It’s more pleasant for the patient to have a properly fitted hospital gown. Can you order hospital gowns in those hard to find sizes? For the most part, the hospital gown manufacturers go with a one size fits all philosophy. However, within the one size fits all, there are small, medium, and large. As far as adult hospital gowns are concerned, you can also find them made in petite sizes for shorter people, tall sizes for the very long and extra large sizes. As much as no one likes to think about a child being in the hospital hurt or sick, it does happen. Hospital gowns are made for children as well. The nice thing about these gowns is that they often are available in bright, fun colors and possibly cartoon characters to make the experience less frightening.

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What are the advantages to having patient’s wear hospital gowns?

The first and most important advantage to having patients wear hospital gowns is that it’s much harder to escape when a person doesn’t have any clothes. In all seriousness, hospital gowns make it much simpler to treat and care for all kinds of patients in all kinds of situations. With the many different style and design options available, both the medical professional and the patient will find it easier to take care of the necessary tasks when it is easy to access the right areas. Wearing a hospital gown also makes it hard to run away.
What materials is hospital gowns found in?
The type of material used for hospital gowns depends on what the gown is intended to be used for. In the case of disposable hospital gowns, the material used is the same as the one used for disposable lab coats and bouffant caps. It is highly sanitary and made to protect the wearer from all kinds of contaminants. These hospital gowns are most frequently found in doctors’ offices and hospital emergency rooms.
On the other hand, hospital gowns that are intended to be worn for a longer period of time are typically made from all cotton, a cotton-polyester blend, or even flannel in some cases. Your budget, the type of gowns needed, and type of procedures performed will have a lot to do with the material used in your hospital gowns.

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What kind of options can you find in the disposable lab coats?

It has already been mentioned that disposable lab coats are available in static free versions. You can also find these helpful products in a variety of colors and patterns. Especially in the fields where children are often the patients, many doctors and nurses find it helpful to wear lab coats that appeal to their patients and make the experience less traumatic for the young ones.
Even if the patients are adults, it’s still a nice option to pick from colors and patterns. Wearing nothing but white and blue can get very boring. In some facilities, disposable lab coats in different colors are used to distinguish among the medical professionals. For example, doctors might wear blue, while lab techs have green coats and nurses where white.
In what situations would it be necessary to give visitors disposable lab coats for their safety and the safety of the patients in an institution?
Any time medical professional needs to bring an outsider into a sterile environment, the visitor should be given a disposable lab coat. Expectant fathers often are required to dress in sterile wear for the well being of the mother and new born child. People visiting loved ones who are suffering from any disease or treatment that lowers their immune system need to wear a disposable lab coat to avoid contaminating the ill person.
How do you properly dispose of a disposable lab coat?
The best way to get rid of a used disposable lab coat is to place it in the proper recycling bin. In the event that the disposable coat is soiled heavily or has any bio hazardous material on it, it’s best to place it in the biohazard containers that should be present in any patient’s room, exam room, or operating room. One of the biggest advantages to using disposable lab coats is that you can quickly and effectively confine any dangerous materials that might get on it.

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What is the primary function of disposable lab coats in clinical settings?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The most common function of disposable lab coats is the same as the other versions of this specialized product. Lab coats are intended to protect the wearer from potential hazards typically found in the medical and scientific environment. Things like human bodily fluids, man made chemicals and acids, as well as fire hazards are common in hospitals and laboratories. The lab coat is worn to guard against these hazards.

Another, though less important, function of the lab coat is to distinguish medical professionals from the rest of the population in a medical environment. In the case of disposable lab coats, they are also used for guests and visitors of the facility.

Is there anything you do to gain access in a non static environment and still wear a disposable lab coat?

Considering that even the non disposable lab coats aren’t appropriate apparel in no static zones in most cases, it’s pretty important to figure out how to access these areas safely. Not all disposable lab coats are made for this purpose, but you can certainly order disposable lab coats in the static free variety. These are perfect for medical professionals and guests alike.

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How do you care for an all cotton lab coat?

Especially in the hospital or lab environment it’s not uncommon for the facility’s policy to dictate that all lab coats cotton or otherwise, be sent to a hospital grade laundry facility for cleaning. These places are equipped with washing machines that have hot enough water to kill any microorganism that might be lingering on your cotton lab coat. They also use washing chemicals and soaps designed to ensure the level of cleanliness that is essential when treating injured or sick people. The nice thing about sending your cotton lab coats away to be laundered is that you don’t have to do it and they always return without any stains. Is white the only color option when it comes to cotton lab coats? White is by far and large the most popular color choice for cotton lab coats. In some offices or hospitals, other colors are used to distinguish the kinds of medical professionals. For example, in some teaching hospitals, the students wear white cotton lab coats, while the more experienced doctors wear black. It’s also not uncommon to see nurses in teal or pink lab coats as a distinguishing feature. Cotton lab coats are available in all kinds of colors. It’s up the facility policy as to what colors are appropriate.

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What is the real function of the cotton lab coat?

Despite the popular opinion that lab coats are intended to make medical professionals look important, cotton lab coats actually have some pretty important functions. It’s unlikely that you went into this career field with the idea that you would stay clean. Practicing medicine is dirty business and you need protection. Cotton lab coats are intended to protect the doctor or nurse from potentially hazardous materials like blood, urine, and other bodily fluids. They are used to protect the professional from man made chemicals and acids as well.
The cotton lab coats are also very effective for their fire resistant covering in the medical lab. Even small particles of solid material like dust or aerosols are repelled for the safety of the medical professional and the patients he or she treats in the course of a day.
What makes cotton such a good choice for lab coats?
There are all kinds of materials you could choose for your lab coats. Cotton polyester blend is popular and there are specially made fabrics that are rather expensive that have been formulated for lab coats. However, cotton has some advantages that simply can’t be duplicated by blending fabrics or in a lab somewhere. You can expect the cotton lab coat to last a long time and be incredibly comfortable to wear. There is no way to ignore the soft quality of pure cotton. Not only is it pleasant for you to wear, you can bet your patients are going to appreciate the softness of your coat as well. Especially for those medical professionals with sensitive skin, an all cotton lab coat is a good choice since it tends to be less abrasive to the skin.

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Is the length of the doctor coat still an indication of seniority and importance in the medical community?

The medical field is a highly competitive job arena and there is a good chance it will always be. However, the length of a doctor coat is no longer an indication of the prestige and ability of a doctor. Some doctors prefer to not wear one at all, while others prefer to work in a specific length coat. The responsibilities of a physician have to be taken into account as well when deciding on the length of the doctor coat. Some hospitals and other medical institutions also may have set in stone policies about the style, color, and length of the approved doctor coats.

Is there any way to decorate a doctor coat and set it apart from the rest of the doctor coats in the hospital?

It is more than possible to add a bit of personality to your doctor coat. Some doctors like to wear coats with colors or even prints to spice things up. Pediatricians in particular are known for not wearing a doctor coat at all, or picking one with a child friendly theme. It helps to put their little patients at ease. Even doctors who primarily work with adults might prefer to have a doctor coat in their favorite color. It’s up to each and every individual doctor, not to mention the above mentioned policies of the office, hospital, or other medical facility they may work in.

Is there a difference in men and women’s doctor coats?

Doctor coats can be ordered specifically for men or women. The more popular choice is to wear the unisex options available.

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Why do doctors wear doctor coats anyway?

Once upon a time, medical doctors had lost their respectability with the general pubic. In the mid 1800’s, many of the medicines frequently prescribed by doctors were proven to be ineffective or harmful to people by the science community. In order to reestablish their respectability, many doctors started wearing the same lab coats as the scientists. It helped to give the patients their trust back in medical doctors.
It didn’t take long for the doctor coat to be a symbol of status even among the medical community. The longer the doctor coat was the more seniority and prestige the doctor in question was thought to have. In today’s hospitals and doctor offices, the doctor coat is used for identifying purposes and to protect the clothing of the doctor.
What kinds of materials are doctor coats made out of?
It is possible to order disposable doctor coats. These products are typically made from the same polypropylene material as bouffant caps and scrub hats. They are perfect for visiting doctors or in a pinch when the doctor has soiled or forgotten their personal doctor coat. However, for the most part, doctor coats are made from a cotton polyester blend. You can usually find them with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The cotton helps to keep the doctor coats cool to wear, while the polyester is used to ensure that the doctor coats are stain resistant and long lasting.

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Is there any way to have a little fun with surgical and medical bouffant caps?

There most certainly are ways to have a little fun with your bouffant caps. They are great for slinging across the room like rubber bands and work perfectly for carrying around whatever items you need throughout the day. While using your cap as a slingshot might amuse your patients, at some point you will have to get serious about your job. However, you don’t have to be ridiculously serious about your bouffant caps. We have already mentioned that the caps are available in white and blue. You can also order them in multicolor designs. The brush stroke design is rather soothing and adds some variety to the day. Many supply companies also offer butterfly and patriotic design choices.

In what quantity are medical issue bouffant caps shipped and what are my options for ordering?

Depending on the manufacturer of the bouffant caps, you will find the quantities vary a little bit. For the most part, a case of bouffant caps will have between 500 and 1000 caps. These cases are typically broken down into easier to manage boxes of 100 or so. Be sure to order as many as you think you will need in between shipments.

A good medical supply company will take orders by fax, phone, or with an online order form. In some cases, you might find that you can arrange to have a standard order. In other words, the company will automatically ship a specific number and type of bouffant caps to your office or hospital regularly without you having to call or fax in an individual order.

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What sizes do bouffant caps for the medical fields come in and why?

Most reputable and well stocked medical supply companies are going to be able to offer medical use bouffant caps in 19, 21, and 24 inch sizes. These caps are also available in 28 inch sizes.
The reason for the massive difference in variety of sizes in bouffant caps is to ensure that no matter how large or small a doctor or nurse is he or she is still going to be able to use a properly fitting cap. The puffy appearance of the bouffant cap is perfect for providing enough space for not only the head, but also the hair of the medical professional. The patient doesn’t need to be concerned with contamination from hair and the medical professional needs to know that their hair is out of the way and safe from possible biohazards.
Tell me something about the material used to make disposable bouffant caps for doctors and nurses?
Most bouffant caps you are going to find in the medical office or surgical room are made from polypropylene. This material is perfect for use in the operating room because is produces very little lint and is incredibly light weight, adding to the comfort of the doctor and nurses. The bouffant caps can be found in both white and blue color varieties as well as the different sizes. For the medical professionals who are allergic to latex, it is also possible to order these caps latex free.

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Which materials are best for surgical caps?

Most disposable surgical caps are made from a thin nylon material. They are capable of keeping the hair and head clean. The nylon material is also good for preventing water or blood based contaminants from soaking through the cap. There are reusable personal surgical caps made from nylon as well. The biggest complaint most doctors and nurses have about using nylon surgical caps is that they tend to hold in heat more than cotton.
Another good material to consider for your surgical cap is cotton. It breathes well, can be found in all kinds of fun colors and patterns, and comes clean easily. If wet, the moisture will soak through the material, though. It’s up to the individual professional to pick which material suits their needs better.
Are there any other personal touches that can be added to surgical caps?
We have already talked about choosing your surgical caps in colors and patterns that appeal to you. You can decide to further personalize your caps by having them embroidered with your initials or name. Some surgeons and surgical nurses choose to have their surgical caps embroidered with their full names and titles or even a meaningful phrase or bible verse. Once again, you can choose anything that has meaning for you and may comfort the patient.

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What is the function of surgical caps in the operating room?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

As a medical professional or a person with common sense, you know that surgical caps are used to protect both the medical professional and the patient. The surgical cap is in place to prevent hazardous bodily fluids from splashing onto the doctor or nurse’s hair and head. They are also used to prevent hair from affecting the vision of the medical professionals.
On the other hand of the spectrum, loose hair or even other contaminants like hair products or dandruff is dangerous to the patient. He or she is already weakened from the circumstances that lead them into the operating room as well as from the procedure. It’s crucial to ensure that the patient is protected from any possible contamination.
What is the purpose of having personal surgical caps in your favorite colors, styles, and patterns?
In such a serious career as medicine and surgery, medical professionals spend enough time dealing with the tragedy of life. Naturally, there is joy in there too, but it comes after the hard part of saving someone’s life. There is nothing wrong with a bit of levity in the operating room.
Of course, any patterns or images chosen for a surgical cap really should be appropriate for anyone, patient or medical staff to see. Beyond that concern, doctors and nurses help their own morale as well as that of the rest of the team when they display the fun side of things in their headwear.
As a matter of fact, many patients appreciate seeing the human side of the people taking care of them. When a person is apprehensive about a procedure or surgery, seeing a familiar image or character can make a huge difference.

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What works best for men when they are in the operating or treatment room?

Most men, especially in the medical field, don’t tend to have long hair to keep out of their way. However, that doesn’t mean they can get by with leaving their heads uncovered. The puffy bonnet style the women favor is probably going to be overkill though. Male doctors, nurses, and technicians are usually better off with scrub hats in the skull cap style. The scrub hat fits close to the head and typically only has a single layer of material at the crown to prevent becoming overheated under the hot operating room lights. These scrub hats usually have long ties located in the back for adjusting to the proper fit.
What can be done with scrub hats to make them more pleasant for the medical professional to wear and more comforting for scared patients to look at?
Naturally, there is always a certain level of decorum that should be respected when a doctor or nurse dresses for the day. Scrub hats should never have off color phrases or pictures on them. You never know who you might offend. With that said, there are plenty of ways to make high quality scrub hats more fun to wear. You can find them in a huge assortment of colors and patterns for both men and women. Medical professionals, who work with children especially, will find that cartoon characters on their headwear can help make a scared child feel more comfortable. This technique is pretty effective on adults as well.

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What is the main purpose of scrub hats for medical professionals?

The main purpose in wearing a scrub hat for medical professionals is to make them miserable. No, in all seriousness, scrub hats are intended to keep doctors and nurses comfortable while in the operating room by keeping their hair out of the way of biohazards and their vision. Scrub hats are also used to make sure the patient is protected from any potential contaminants in the medical professional’s hair and the hair itself. Non conformity with this regulation can result in all kinds of problems with malpractice charges and possibly even loss of a professional’s medical license.
What style of scrub hat works best for women in the medical field?
Of course, every professional is going to be different, but many women working in the medical surgical field like the bonnet style of scrub hat. They are designed to be comfortable and light weight, usually made from cotton fabric. Women can also expect to find adjustable cords in the hats for making sure their scrub hats fit properly and won’t slide or fall off in the middle of a procedure. The wide front bands on this type of scrub hat is vital for eliminating the discomfort and less than attractive look of lines on the forehead left by harsh elastic bands. Leaving the elastic for the back section of the scrub hat seems to work better. As noted though, every female medical professional is different and no doubt has her own idea of the perfect scrub hat.

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Pockets are important on a medical coat. Where should mine be located?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pockets are indeed incredibly important on a medical coat. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, nurse, or medical technician, being able to have the necessary tools on hand to do your job properly is very important. Most medical professionals prefer to have at least two large pockets located on the outside of their medical coats. These are the perfect places to stash your pens, prescription pads, and other important items that won’t fit anywhere else.
For personal items, a few inside pockets on a medical coat aren’t a bad idea either. After all, it always helps to have a few dollars in change to grab a snack or drink during a busy day.
Where can your medical coats be worn?
Of course, the standard medical coat can be worn around the office, hospital, or lab. They are designed to stand up to the daily challenges of being a medical professional. Medical coats help to distinguish medical personnel from the other occupants of the facility.
Naturally, there are times when it’s necessary to face a sterile, clean room. As you well know, you can’t walk into those areas without the proper preparation and clothing. Some medical supply companies have the option of ordering special made medical coats that are acceptable for wearing in operating rooms and other clean environments.

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What type of materials do medical coats come in?

Friday, August 08, 2008

You can expect to find medical coats in either a cotton-polyester blend or in all cotton. The blend is ideal for its durability and stain resistant qualities. On the other hand, the pure cotton medical coats are incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s a good idea to decide on your preference and purchase a few medical coats in both the light and heavy weight versions. This way you can always be sure to have the proper apparel regardless of the weather or season of the year. What kind of quality stitching should you look for in your medical coat options? It’s a sad truth that many manufacturers throw together clothes and uniform items without much regard for quality. When you are in the medical field, you want to know your scrubs and medical coats are going to last. Stitching is an incredibly important part of that. Be sure to look for medical coats that have the front facing sewn down. It’s also a good idea to purchase only medical coats with reinforced pocket corners. Topstitching along the back, shoulders, and sleeves of a medical coat is also a sign of high quality. Medical coats that have been sewn together with small stitches are also more likely to last awhile and be able to stand up the daily abuse of working in such a physical field as medicine. Look for a medical coat provider that can point you in the right direction for nice extras like customizing the fit of the medical coat so the length of the coat and the sleeves is always right.

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How do you know which shoe covers are right for you?

The easiest and most convenient way to purchase disposable shoe covers is by the case. Each case will have a certain number of pairs of disposable shoe covers divided into individual boxes. Most of the time each box will contain about 75 pairs of the disposable shoe covers.
Do you need skid or non skid disposable shoe covers for your needs?
Disposable shoe covers are available in both non skid and skid varieties. Both are made to be non static and sterile. The problem with skid shoe covers is that they are about as safe as wearing socks or stockings only in the hallways and operating rooms in the hospital. It’s far simpler and safer to buy the non skid variety. They will help to prevent accidents for the medical professionals, guests, and patients alike.
How are disposable shoe covers sized?
Most brands of disposable shoe covers are one size fits all. This size is capable of accommodating shoe sizes from the smallest women’s size to about a men’s size 14. Some brands offer sizing in small, medium, large, and extra large disposable shoe covers.

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What is the purpose of wearing disposable shoe covers?

Disposable shoe covers are used in more than career fields than just the medical field. Some industrial occupations dictate that protective coverings are worn for the purity of the product or products being made. This is especially true in the food service industry, but also might be found in computer part factories and other industries as well. In the medical field, disposable shoe covers can be an important part of special needs units in hospitals, for protecting the residents of a nursing home, and most especially, in operating rooms everywhere.
In every case where disposable shoe covers are worn, the purpose is to protect both the employee and the patient or the product being made. No contaminants can get into the shoe cover and none can get out. It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it.
In the medical environment, does anyone expect medical professionals need to wear disposable shoe covers?
Yes, there are times when both patients and guests to the hospital need to have protective foot wear on. Occasionally, when a patient is being moved from one part of the hospital to another, a nurse or orderly may have him or her put disposable shoe covers on. It’s simply to ensure that the patient is kept as sterile and safe as possible. It also limits the possibility of cross contamination from one section of the hospital to the other.
Guests can be asked to wear disposable shoe covers as a precaution when entering certain sections of a facility or visiting a tragically ill friend or family member. Newborn or premature babies, people with severe heart disease, or those affecting by an immune system disorder are better off if exposed to as little contaminants as possible. In these cases, the guest may be asked to put disposable shoe covers on.

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