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What type of materials do medical coats come in?

Friday, August 08, 2008

You can expect to find medical coats in either a cotton-polyester blend or in all cotton. The blend is ideal for its durability and stain resistant qualities. On the other hand, the pure cotton medical coats are incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s a good idea to decide on your preference and purchase a few medical coats in both the light and heavy weight versions. This way you can always be sure to have the proper apparel regardless of the weather or season of the year. What kind of quality stitching should you look for in your medical coat options? It’s a sad truth that many manufacturers throw together clothes and uniform items without much regard for quality. When you are in the medical field, you want to know your scrubs and medical coats are going to last. Stitching is an incredibly important part of that. Be sure to look for medical coats that have the front facing sewn down. It’s also a good idea to purchase only medical coats with reinforced pocket corners. Topstitching along the back, shoulders, and sleeves of a medical coat is also a sign of high quality. Medical coats that have been sewn together with small stitches are also more likely to last awhile and be able to stand up the daily abuse of working in such a physical field as medicine. Look for a medical coat provider that can point you in the right direction for nice extras like customizing the fit of the medical coat so the length of the coat and the sleeves is always right.

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