Friday, June 06, 2008

There's No Time to Think with Emergency First Aid Kits - Here are Quick Answers to Questions You Might Have: Part 2

How Would a Hiking Emergency First Aid Kit Differ? If you tend to get out hiking a lot, you need different items in emergency first aid kits. While the basic equipment is the same, you also need to include ways of contacting others for help, as well as additional gauzes and bandages to stop any bleeding that might be hard to control until you get help. It can also help if you add a roll of duct tape to act as heavy duty pressure for traumatic injuries like breaks and deep cuts. After placing something clean on the wound, you can then wrap the material with duct tape to keep it in place until you can get the person to safety. Where Should I Put My Emergency First Aid Kits? Since some of the items in your emergency first aid kit may be fragile and subject to problems when placed in the sun or in hot conditions, you need to keep your kit in a cool and dark place - if possible. You will also want to keep it in a hard case that prevents the items from getting wet and contaminated in any way. Should I Get Trained in First Aid? Ideally, you will want to get some sort of first aid training in order to properly utilize your emergency first aid kit. This way, you can know how to use the items right and how to know when to take someone to the hospital. In some cases, all the emergency first aid kits in the world can't help - you just need to get an ambulance to the place of the accident.

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