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What can you expect from the various digital dental cameras on the market today?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just like with any other piece of equipment you would consider buying for your practice, the digital dental cameras are made differently. Each company will be able to offer you different advantages. Overall, a system that includes a digital dental camera will give you another worthwhile tool in your diagnosis arsenal as well as help keep track of how effectively treatment is going. Another advantage to this kind of camera is you can more easily explain what the patient’s dental problems are and how you propose to fix them. With this kind of clear visual aid, it’s simpler to allay patient fears and describe the treatment plans.
It would be a shame to overlook the benefit of the high quality images the digital dental cameras provide. From a clinical point of view, you and your staff will enjoy the benefit of both your traditional x ray images as well as full color images that add convenience to your important job of correcting your patient’s dental problems. What comes included with most digital dental cameras systems?
When you purchase a regular digital camera for your personal use, the camera comes with more than just the photo taking appliance. You can expect to find detailed instructions, software for your computer, and information on data storage. With a digital dental camera, things are pretty much the same. Inside the package, you will find the software you need to use your new images to the best results for your convenience and the benefit of the patient. It’s also not unusual for the system to include various lenses designed for specific dental purposes. A memory card for image storage until you can download the pictures to your specific computer file or hard drive is also a nice feature to look for.
Some digital dental cameras also come equipped with additional software that can be used to create dental appliances like crowns, dentures, and orthodontic pieces easier. Teeth whitening aids for getting the perfect color for the individual patient is another advantage of this software.

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