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What types of used and refurbished C-Arms are typically available?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Since there is such as wide variety of C-Arms on the market, each designed to complete a specific type of imaging, there is almost a limitless possibility as to what models may be found as used and refurbished. Typically the C-Arms that are sold as used and refurbished will not be exceptionally old models or those that have been cosmetically damaged in highly noticeable ways. In most cases the types of used and refurbished C-Arms available are going to include the most common models, since there are simply more of them in practices. Generally they are sold as used and refurbished once the medical service provider upgrades to a newer or specialized type of C-Arm equipment. Some of the many types of used and refurbished C-Arms available include vascular C-Arms, Fluoroscan F-lll, and even the multipurpose Ziehm Exposcop 7000, which is perfect for any type of surgical, orthopedic or pain management application. These are just a very few of the models available as used and refurbished C-Arms. What should be considered when buying new and refurbished C-Arms? Perhaps most importantly when buying new and refurbished C-Arms is to consider the reputation of the seller. Buying these items directly from another hospital or health care facility can be a real issue if something is not working on the unit. A better option is to buy from a company that has been in the business of supplying equipment for medical and health care centers for several years. Buying through a supply company as opposed to a private seller or other health care facilities means that the new and refurbished C-Arms have at least been tested at that facility by individuals that are knowledgeable on how the equipment should operate. These companies also repair any damaged equipment and even complete the minor cosmetic issues that may be found on the equipment. When you, as the buyer, receive the item it will look basically new unlike what may happen if you by a used but not refurbished piece of equipment from someone else. How are used and refurbished C-Arms typically sold? As with any type of equipment, used and refurbished C-Arms are typically sold as is. This doesn't mean that the company selling the used and refurbished C-Arms don't stand behind the product; it is a standard way of selling any type of used equipment. The company selling the used and refurbished C-Arms have completed all repairs and are selling the equipment in good working order as it leaves their facility. All repairs are made with the correct parts from the original manufacturer, allowing an additional guarantee that the repairs are complete and have the equipment in excellent working condition. A reputable company will provide the option of having the buyer purchase a warranty that can give you the peace of mind that you would get with purchasing a new C-Arm. The warranty is typically priced over and above the cost of the used and refurbished C-Arm.

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What is a split leg training room table?

Friday, September 25, 2009

A split leg training room table is a very versatile and handy piece of equipment. Besides being a standard training room treatment table it can also double as a taping table or examination table as needed. In addition the split leg feature allows the bottom half of the top section of the table to be elevated separately. This allows one leg to be elevated for treatment or examination, or even to help in minimizing swelling after an injury.
Each part of the dual sided split legs have individual rods that can be adjusted to provide the desired angle for the leg. The rods lock into place on the frame of the table with a spring loaded lock in lever mechanism that prevents any slippage or sudden movement in angle either up or down.
Split leg training tables are designed to be durable and have additional storage space under the table in the form of separate drawer and cupboards. Some also have an optional backrest that can be elevated to allow the player to rest comfortably in a more recumbent rather than prone position.
Are there any options for portable treatment tables that are durable enough for outdoor use?
There are several different models of highly portable and very durable sideline training and treatment tables. These tables are designed with outdoor use in mind. Typically these tables have adjustable leveling legs, perfect for setting up in less that completely flat ground conditions. In addition the metal frame is coated to prevent any possibility of rust, even when used in damp and wet conditions. In addition the bottom of each of the table legs is mounted with what are known as field feet, wider and larger than typical furniture leg bases, preventing any sinking into the ground or the mud.
The surface of the portable treatment tables are usually a very heavy, puncture resistant type of vinyl. All seams are sealed and coated to prevent water from getting into the foam. These tables are really ideal for any type of professional, semi-pro or amateur sporting event and give doctors and team staff a chance to assist players with minor injuries right on the field.
Are training room tables able to be used for other reasons in a smaller locker, team room or sporting facility?
Many teams, coaches and facility managers try to find equipment that is versatile enough to handle whatever a team may need. Many of the training room tables can also double as taping tables, making them an ideal option. These types of tables typically hold two or more people at a time with optional padding between the stations to quickly transform the taping table into a full treatment table. Storage areas under the training room tables can also double as medical or sports storage areas. Roomy closets spaces and large, smoothly opening drawers make these practical additions to any locker, training room or team room.

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What are the health benefits to using a stationary exercise bike as part of your training or fitness routine?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stationary exercise bikes provide both cardiovascular and weight loss or control benefits when used in conjunction with a balanced fitness program. Even if used on their own, stationary exercise bikes, when used regularly, will increase the number of calories burned per day, helping to cut down on weight gain or manage your weight more efficiently. Stationary exercise bikes also help to increase heart rate and blood circulation, a necessary part of both whole body and heart fitness.

Stationary exercise bikes also provide an additional safety feature to standard bikes. This is because they can be used indoors, rather than outdoors in potential traffic or poor road conditions. The availability of the stationary in home exercise bike means it can be used 24 hours per day, ideal for people that have shifts or irregular schedules. Like any aerobic activity, stationary exercise bike use should be combined with a weight training program for optimum results, especially when it comes to body development and weight loss.

What options are available on stationary exercise bikes for the home?

Stationary exercise bikes have come a long way from the first models that were literally just a bike mounted on a stand. The new models of exercise bikes have fully computerized programs, designed to mimic the actual course that you may take if you were out riding. This means that you can select a pre-set course or design one of your own on many models. These bikes will automatically adjust the tension on the wheels to give the physical sensation of going uphill or down, or even going faster and slower over a specific pattern or course.

Additional features on most new models of stationary exercise bikes will help you track and record your progress in your fitness program. This can include heart rate monitors that show a digital readout throughout your workout, speed, calories burned and even distance traveled. Some of the more deluxe models may calculate this all into ratings, scores or data that can be used for tracking and setting future fitness goals.

Other options include comfort seats, specialized handlebars, magazine racks, water bottle holders and even jacks for your music systems. Finding all these options in a bike does take a bit of looking around, but they are definitely available.

Which is better, an upright stationary exercise bike or a recumbent bike?

For most people, unless you are training for a competition that includes cycling, either option of an upright or a recumbent type of bike will accomplish the same desired goals. For those training for competitive events, an upright, professional training stationary bike is the best option as this teaches correct form when riding. Many people prefer the recumbent style of bike as it can be less stressful on the lower back and also on the legs. The best option is to try out both models and see which is most comfortable for you.

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What are some of the most noticeable changes in medical imaging equipment?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of the biggest changes in medical imaging equipment that has increased the efficiency of radiology and other imaging systems is the use of PACS or Picture Archiving Communication Systems. Basically PACS provide a way for the scan to be converted into a digital image or computer file, which can then be transferred via the internet or local network to the physicians. This not only saves time in developing full x-ray images and hard copies, but it also allows for easy viewing of the image or scan from any secure, connected computer within the health care facility or system. Specialists no longer have to wait for hard copies; everything can be transferred quickly and easily with the click of a mouse. What is the advantage of 3D images in MRI, Ultrasound and CAT or CT scans compared to the 2D traditional images? The images provided traditionally through any type of imaging system have been two dimensional. This means that the doctor is looking at a flat picture, which can show width and height but not depth. Only the top surfaces are visible, which restricts dramatically what the physicians and specialists can determine without performing some type of invasive procedure. Three dimensional medical imaging equipment, which uses specialized computer software, has made it possible for the doctors to actually see into the patient and view the problematic area from all three dimensions. Not only does this provide a more complete understanding of the issue, but it is essential in diagnosing conditions that may not be clearly visible from a typical two dimension type of imaging scan. In ultrasound technology in particular this three dimensional option gives doctors and medical teams the opportunity to watch the organ or body part in actual real time as well as in motion. Other types of images capture the image and freeze it, with the computer program combining multiple shots to show the image. The ultrasound option provides a look into the system while it is functioning, similar to an ultrasound for pregnancy. What is meant by CAD in medical imagining equipment? CAD, at least when talking about medical imaging equipment, stands for Computer Aided Detector. This is a specialized program that has been developed specifically in regards to mammography scans and detection of the earliest signs of breast cancer or pre-cancerous cells. CAD uses a previous scan of the breast done in a mammography and immediately compares the older scan with the current scan that is occurring. When even minor areas of change are detected by the program an alert is sent to the technician completing the current mammography. This allows the technician to focus in on that particular area of the breast and capture any images of changes that may be available. It is important to realize that CAD does not diagnoses, rather the computer uses its very specific and instantaneous comparison from previous and current mammography scans to note areas of difference.

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Are there hospital treadmills that are designed specifically for bariatric patients?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There are different styles of hospital treadmill models that can suit a wide variety of patient needs. Bariatric patients with body weights of up to 800 pounds can safely use these types of hospital treadmills while feeling very supported and secure. The handrails extend the full length of the treadmill and do not slope off, providing a firm gripping surface all along the treadmill. The motors are specially designed for a continuous duty of up to 2 horsepower, ensuring a steady, even pace. As with any type of treadmill the bariatric hospital treadmill models come with a variety of features. They have several speeds from a gentle walking pace through to a high of 12.5 miles per hour. They also have an incline option of up to 25 percent or minus 25 percent, providing additional support for the user. The treadmill itself is built with a very durable shock absorbing tread, preventing any type of footstrike shock that can lead to leg and foot injuries. What are the most important features on a hospital treadmill? One of the most essential elements of a hospital treadmill is that it has to be user friendly and easy to operate. Keep in mind that a variety of patients with different rehabilitation programs are going to be using the equipment, so simple is always the best option. Digital readouts of speed, incline, time and even calories burned can be used both for recording as well as goal setting. Easy to see digital information helps to keep the patient involved in their progress and also be able to manage the controls themselves without having to rely on staff for assistance. Safety should also be a big consideration with hospital treadmills. They need to be durable and strong, but also have emergency features such as stop buttons and even specialized clips that can be attached to the individual and the treadmill. If the clip is pulled out because the individual is moving backwards on the treadmill, the machine immediately stops. This prevents spills off the back of the treadmill and adds an additional layer of safety and security for the user and the staff. What are the major uses of hospital treadmills in the health care system? Hospital treadmills are found in many different areas of the hospital, hospice, long term care facility or clinic. Hospital treadmills can be used for completing various types of stress tests including cardiovascular testing and respiratory testing. They can also be used in any type of patient rehabilitation program, especially for those recovering from surgery or trauma. Hospital treadmills can also be located in patient activity areas and gyms, especially in long term care facilities. Since they are easy to use and low impact exercise options, they are perfect for almost any patient with basic mobility to use. Hospital treadmills can also be a great additional to staff rooms and lounges, providing an option for some indoor walking and exercise on breaks or when working those long night shifts.

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What are the best types of hospital privacy screens to use in specialized rooms where magnetic equipment is in use?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Any room in the hospital or health care facility that has any type of metal sensitive type of equipment, which includes most imaging equipment, cannot have magnetic metal products in the room. This includes rooms for MRI tests as well as CAT and CT scans. There are actually two different and very practical options to still provide hospital privacy screens for patients as well as technicians and staff. The first option is a non-metallic type of frame. This is usually made of anodized aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the folding hinges, both non-magnetic types of materials. This option provides a sturdy, strong yet highly movable screen for these specific and specialized rooms. Another options it to use the frames that are made of PVC tubing. These frames are white, however there are a variety of colors of curtains that are available to add color to any patient care or treatment room. How can you clean hospital privacy screens? Either the anodized aluminum or the PVC tubing types of frames for hospital privacy screens are easily cleaned with a wipe down with disinfectant. Since they are very durable materials and are naturally stain resistant, they are easy to keep looking clean as well as sterile for use in hospital and patient care areas. The mesh or curtains that form the actual screen component of the hospital privacy screens are typically made of vinyl. This material is natural mold, mildew and flame and fire resistant or retardant, making them ideal for hospital use. In addition the screens can be removed or changed as needed for complete and thorough cleaning. How movable are hospital privacy screens? Depending on the model or style that you select, they can be very easy to move to slightly more complicated. Most of the hospital privacy screens are very lightweight as they are either made of PVC tubing or lightweight aluminum. Some screens may be mounted on castors or rollers and they may fold up flat to each other or fold into a smaller triangle shape for easy moving and transport. The frame can be used as a handle to direct the hospital privacy stand along corridors and throughout the facility. The models that don't come on wheels or castors can typically fold flat onto each other, making a thin, lightweight option for moving. Since these types of screens are typically up to 70 inches in height, it may require two people to safely move the stand based models through crowded hallways, however they can easily be lifted by one person. Stacking and storing the tri-fold panel types of hospital privacy screens is also very simple. They can easily be stacked either in a standing or a flat position. Some of the shorter screens, which may only be up to 53 inches in height, can even store in closets and storage areas without having to remove upper shelving units.

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What sizes and colors do fluid resistant lab coats come in?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fluid resistant lab coats come in all standard sizes as well as some oversized options. The standard sizes for the coats include extra small (XS) through to extra large (XL). These sizes are standard for any type of clothing and since the lab coats have to fit over your street clothes you may wish to increase your size over the size you would wear in a more closely fitting type of garment. The oversized lab coats come in a double extra large or 2XL as well as a triple extra large or 3XL size. All have a standard 40 inch length as well as the 10 inch walking slit.
The fluid resistant lab coat is available in traditional white, making it a perfect match for any hospital or clinical setting.
Why is the polyester fabric of the fluid resistant lab coat better than a cotton or poly cotton blend?
There are actually several reasons why a polyester fabric is more effective and durable in a fluid resistant lab coat than a cotton or poly cotton blend. Cotton fabrics tend to stain and pill, which are those annoying little balls that form along the surface of the fabric with wear. Cotton is also a fabric that creases and shows wear incredibly fast, especially when used as an all purpose garment such as a lab coat. Cotton can be treated to be fluid resistant , but this treatment will not be permanent and will reduce the overall lifetime of the garment, especially in heavy working and wear conditions.
In addition to the above mentioned facts, polyester itself has some natural properties that make it a great match for hospital and laboratory wear. The fibers in polyester fabrics are naturally resistant to mildew and molds, helping to prevent the spread of these throughout the hospital facility. It is also naturally resistant to most types of common chemicals, resisting straining or damage by the chemicals under ordinary wear conditions.
Polyester fabrics are also less prone to the irritating problem of static build up in clothing. Since this is an important consideration when working around electronic equipment as well as with patients, polyester makes a great choice.
What is the best way to care for polyester fluid resistant lab coasts?
Although polyester can be dry cleaned, there is no need to go to this extreme in caring for a fluid resistant lab coat. The best way to care for this fabric is to simply use a standard wash and dry cycle in any type of washer and dryer. Avoid over drying to prolong the life of the garment, and hanging after removing from the dryer will prevent any wrinkles. Polyester is relatively wrinkle resistant, so they can be folded for storage between wearing.
As with any type of garment, spot cleaning with stain removers is recommended on very heavy stains. The garment can tolerate bleach in the wash cycle, although typically this will not be required to keep them looking new

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Is a single or a multiple seat athletic sports taping table the best option?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The answer to this question really depends on the size of the team and the type of sporting event you are preparing for. For example, if you are coaching a team or managing a sporting facility that hosts or plays multiple games per seasons and you have several players that may need to be taped, a multiple seat athletic sports taping table makes much more sense. If, however, you are in a smaller facility or are only going to have to tape one or two players or athletes, a single athletic sports taping table may be more than enough.
What is the advantage to a single athletic sports taping table that is movable?
The single seat athletic sports taping tables that are easily moved from locker room or team room to other areas can be very handy. It is possible to take the taping table with you if you are traveling, which wouldn't be possible with the large multiple player permanently secured to the wall options. The single athletic sports taping tables may have a bottom shelf or a bottom brace, the shelf does provide options for storing taping supplies and other equipment. This area is not enclosed nor can it be secured, however it does provide much needed space when preparing athletes for an event.
What is the average height of an athletic sports taping table and can they be adjusted?
Most single person athletic sports taping tables are going to be a standard 36 inches in height. For most people of average height this will be a comfortable level to tape either from a seated or standing position. However, there are larger taping tables, typically the two person tables, which may have optional adjustments. These tables can be raised or lowered to any height between 30 and 40 inches. The table moves up and down based on a crank attached to a hydraulic lift system. It can easily be operated by one person and makes a very handy addition if there are numerous people that need to be taped at one time.
These adjustable types of models as well as the module units may also have additional drawers and storage space under each seating unit and in between.
Can an athletic sports taping table be used for anything else?
Several different models of athletic sports taping table have optional filler pads that can be used to transform the two seat units into full treatment type tables. These can be very helpful in a locker room where a full examination table isn't required all the time. Some of these models also offer a single long pad that can be used to provide a treatment area on a standard taping table.
The weight capacity of these larger tables that double as treatment tables typically ranges between four and five hundred pounds, sturdy enough for even professional use in locker rooms and sports facilities.

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What are the typical sizes of flammable storage cabinets used in hospital and health care facilities?

Friday, September 04, 2009

There are several different sizes of flammable storage cabinets that are commonly used in hospital and health care facilities. One of the larger sizes is the counter height model that measures 43 inches in width, 18 inches in depth and 65 inches in height. There is also a smaller model that is 23 inches in width, 18 inches in depth and 35 inches in height. Other models are slightly wider and slightly taller while still others may be about 4 inches deeper. Choosing the right size typically includes taking an inventory on what needs to be stored within the cabinet according to OSHA and NFPA standards and codes.
The size of the flammable storage cabinet is important as there is a weight limit as to how much the shelving units can hold. Most will have one or more shelves that can hold up to 500 pounds, plus there will also be a gallon capacity that the specific flammable storage cabinet can support. In some cases, depending on the size of the facility, it may make sense to have several smaller flammable storage cabinets rather than one large unit as this provides less risk in transporting the liquids from location to location. What safety features are required in flammable storage cabinets for hospital use? There are many different safety features that make flammable storage cabinets highly effective in preventing fires and leaks. The first is that they are made of 18 gauge welded steel, which means there are no rivets or screws that hold the cabinet together. This makes the cabinet very strong, without joints that may break or blow apart in the event of high heat or even explosion within the cabinet itself. Another key safety features is the spill guard at the bottom of the cabinet. This is an extra piece of metal that protects the bottom two inches of the door from leaking any chemicals or liquids that may accidently spill. This leak prevention saves possible fire issues with the surfaces around the cabinet. Another key safety features is that all models of flammable storage cabinets have locking doors. Since these materials are hazardous, having the locking option means that it is very simple to restrict access and prevent accidental use of potentially dangerous, flammable or corrosive liquids or substances. Where should flammable storage cabinets be positioned in a facility? There are several options for placing flammable storage cabinets in a hospital or healthcare facility. They should be located in a place with adequate ventilation, ideally under a fume hood or even a window. They should not be placed in areas with very restricted air flow as this can lead to problems if there is an accidental spill and fumes build up in and around the cabinet. Flammable storage cabinets should also not be placed under, over or beside a direct heat source. This may include a vent, direct sunlight or any type of electrical heating device.

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What options should be considered when selecting a C-Arm table?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

There are several different issues to consider when selecting a C-Arm table for your practice or health care facility. Since this is typically a more substantial piece of medical equipment both in size as well as in cost, it is important to consider all options and all possible uses you may have for a C-Arm table before deciding which table is best suited to your practice or needs.
One important consideration is if the table is adjustable with regards to height. Tables that can be automatically lowered and raised make it much easier for patients to be transferred from wheelchairs or even gurneys to the table, simply by lowering it into a comfortable position and then raising it to complete the imaging process. Another key consideration is if there is a need for a Trendelenburg tilt mechanism within the table. This allows different positions where the patient has the feet elevated, rather than just simply allowing the supine position.
Are there any companies that sell used C-Arm tables and equipment?
There are companies that do sell used and refurbished C-Arm tables and equipment that is almost in like new condition. There are, of course, some concerns with buying used equipment, however buying from a reputable supplier that offers a warranty on the equipment can be a great cost saving option.
Before considering used or refurbished C-Arm tables it is a good idea to shop around and compare prices. Many of the newer models of C-Arm tables that offer the essential components without all the extra features may be about the same price as the refurbished equipment, and will always provide a better option for resale should you decide to upgrade in a few years. Polycarbonate C-Arm tables are often very reasonably priced and are very durable and compatible with all C-Arm equipment, making them a good choice for someone just getting started or for hospitals or health care facilities that need multiple numbers of C-Arm tables and equipment.
What other uses are available for a C-Arm table other than in radiology specializations?
C-Arm tables are by no means just used in radiology labs, clinics and areas of the hospital or health care facility. They are also typically used in pain management centers, surgical centers and facilities that offer a wide range of treatment and medical services for patients.
When considering C-Arm tables for use in a variety of different types of medical practices, looking at the additional features is key. Some tables offer lifting and tilting options that can make positioning patients much easier. Dual tower models provide a more stable type of table, allowing patients to exit or mount the table from any position. This can be key in designing your patient examination or treatment room as it does give more options. Additional features such as pillows, extra table top pads and three position pads give the flat surface a lot of options for use in other types of treatment and diagnostic areas.

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It appears that a portable exercise bike can be used by an individual regardless of their height or size, is this correct?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

One of the great advantageous of the portable exercise bike is that it is really just the control panel, the central console and resistance equipment and the pedals. There is no seat or frame, making this very lightweight and easy to move from location to location. Since there is no frame, literally anyone from a child to a adult of any height, weight or size can use the portable exercise bike.
To use the bike the console unit is placed on the floor in front of a chair, the couch or even beside a patient's bed. The feet are then placed on the pedals and the straps are tightened around the feet to prevent slipping. The individual then sits comfortably and pedals the bike, very similar to the experience of riding a recumbent type of stationary exercise bike.
How does a portable exercise bike provide a workout?
Just like with an upright or recumbent stationary exercise bike, a portable exercise bike has different levels of tension or resistance that can be set. This resistance makes pedaling the bike more or less challenging, depending on the fitness level and the particular goals of the rider or user. As people increase their leg strength or endurance, increasing levels of resistance can be used to continue on with the exercise program.
Resistance is adjusted with a simple dial that is locate just below the LED readout on the center console. The dial can be turned up or down to allow for increasing and decreasing resistance during a given workout. There are markers on the dial so records can be kept of the progress made with regards to the resistance used.
Does a portable exercise bike provide a full body workout?
While a portable exercise bike does provide a significant amount of exercise, it simply cannot provide a complete body workout. To do that you would need several different types of equipment or a set of free weights. However, the portable exercise bike does provide an option for an upper body workout that a stationary exercise bike cannot provide.
The console and the pedals can be placed on a table, a about chest level with the user. The non-skid protective pads on the bottom of the portable exercise bike protect the surface of the table from any scratches or marks from use. The hands are then placed through the straps of the pedals and grip the pedals like a bar. You can then use a pedaling motion with your upper body to provide more of a cardiovascular and shoulder workout before or after your cycling workout.
This additional option is a great way to add a whole new dimension to your exercise routine. Since the portable exercise bike is only about 16 pounds in total weight, it is easy to lift up and down, perfect for those that want a basic workout in their own home, office or room.

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