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What makes MRI compatible medical equipment safe for use in MRI rooms?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is considered to be one of the best options for many types of imaging, particularly for soft tissue. Since MRI relies on magnetic resonance without interference from objects in the room, it is absolutely essential that all MRI compatible medical equipment be non-magnetic. Stainless steel is one type of metal that is used in MRI compatible medical equipment since it doesn't cause interference that other types of metals can. In addition rubber feet on all equipment also provides a barrier to prevent any problems with MRI compatible medical equipment within any imaging environment. What options are available in MRI compatible medical equipment that are outside of the actual instrument tables and stools? Since there is such a wide use of MRI services, the demand for MRI compatible medical equipment has increased and expanded. Virtually all types of patient transport, medical equipment and even standard room equipment is now available as MRI safe. For disposal of waste materials in an MRI room the only option is to consider an MRI safe kick bucket. This specially designed waste receptacle is made of stainless steel and is non-ferrous and therefore non-magnetic. It is also further protected from any type of magnetic transmission by a rubber bumper than encircles the stand, and the complete unit is on castors that are MRI safe. Other MRI compatible medical equipment options include wheelchairs designed specifically for transporting patients inside and outside of an MRI room without requiring the patient to be transferred from one wheelchair to another. Not only does this prevent additional stress on the patient but it is also much quicker and more efficient for staff. MRI compatible medical equipment can also include walkers and stools, perfect for patient movement as well as moving onto and off of MRI tables. MRI compatible medical equipment may also be very practically designed for easy movement, cleaning and use. MRI safe basin stands are one example of equipment that has been designed specifically to provide both a basin as well as a shelf all on rolling MRI approved castors. How is MRI compatible medical equipment tested and identified? In order to be considered MRI compatible medical equipment the specific instrument, object or medical device is tested for magnetic resonance. When the item is stainless steel with rubber tips or castors it will usually be considered MRI compatible medical equipment because it does not contain iron and will not interfere with magnetic resonance and imagining. MRI compatible medical equipment that is approved for use in MRI rooms and environments will typically be labeled with a small green square with the letters MR in green inside the square. Items that can be used in MRI environments under very specific conditions in order to not interfere with imaging will be marked with a yellow triangle containing the letters MR in black in the center of the triangle. Items that are unsafe for MRI use have a red circle with the line through the letters MR that are inside the circle.

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