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Thoracic Brace

Monday, November 28, 2005

I have a crushed vertebrae (t-7) and need a T-back brace or thoracic brace. I have no insurance and can't afford the prices I have been given so far. I'm looking for another place to purchase this item, used or new. Do you have an item that can help me or know where I might get one? Are there any other options available to me? I appreciate any advise you could give me or options. Thank You. Below is an item that may help you. Just click the link below:


  • 2 flexible metal stays
  • reinforcement straps
  • extra sleeves


  • Abdominal Support
  • Lumbo-Sacral Support
  • Middle and Upper Back Support
  • Comfortable to wear and unnoticeable under clothes
  • Adjustable metal stays for better support.
  • Reinforcement straps for comfort


  • Recommended by Doctors for correcting posture
  • For people who suffer from scoliosis or other spine problems.
  • For those who spend long hours sitting without much movement.

If you choose to purchase this item, don't forget to purchase the Moldable Plastic Insert.

Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

Friday, November 18, 2005

Can you recommend a specific hand held finger pulse oximeter for homecare use? This is for an elderly relative who needs to have his oxygen level checked during the day. Thank You... There are two pulse oximeter models specifically designed to meet the needs of portable and at home use: This easy to use, durable model is designed for applications requiring SpO2 spot checks. It features an easy to read display for quick and easy identification. The display icon indicates when the battery is low and will notify when the print function is initiated. It also features a backlit display for low light conditions. This is a unique, lightweight model (2 oz.) that provides reliable SpO2 checks and pulse rate measurements, powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Lifting Cushions

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I’ve been searching for a device that will assist an elderly person to rise from his couch. This person has moderate upper body strength but due to his arthritis it's hard for him to raise himself from a sitting position. He can stand and walk relatively fine but he is developing mild balance problems. Can you advise which products could help? There are a variety of products that will meet your request. Lifting Cushions are designed to assist people who have difficulty lowering and raising themselves from armchairs, sofas, and other furniture. Click the links below to evaluate these different Lifting Cushions: A very important factor to consider when evaluating the different Lifting Cushions we carry is the person's weight. You also mentioned his developing balance issues. This is another important mobility concern. It may be in his best interest to consider a Walker. A Walker will provide the extra balance support he will need once upright and walking. Click the link below to evaluate this inventory of Walkers:

Good luck with your search.

Arm Sling

My mother had a stroke and has no use of her right arm. Her present arm sling hurts her neck and opposite shoulder. Can you suggest something more comfortable and easy for her to use? Most standard arm slings are supported with a strap that loops around the neck. This may cause some discomfort to the neck and opposite shoulder. If this is the case with your mother, there is a sling that will alleviate the need for the straps found on standard arm slings. By clicking the link below you will be directed to the specific product:

Hope that helps.

Neck Traction

My C-7 vertebrate is giving me problems, causing extreme pain and tingling and numbness down my arm to my fingers. What is the best therapy device you know of?

There is a wide variety of traction therapy equipment to consider:

However, for the specific area you are asking about - the cervical area - the following therapy devices are optimal choices:

Hope that helps you.

Compression Stockings

Friday, November 11, 2005

In the hospital they have a device that fits on feet and legs that squeezes the legs and feet to keep circulation going. Do you know what these products are and where I can get some? Thanks. What you're referring to are compression stockings. Compression stockings are physician recommended to assist the improvement of poor circulation, mild swelling, and varicose veins. They offer firm support and comfort and are designed to reduce slipping and bunching. Follow the link below to see a product line of compression stockings:


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My dad is being treated for an endocrine condition which has caused him to gain a lot of weight and now he needs a wheelchair that will support him as well as be easy for him to use. What model or models would be the best option for him? There are specific models for people in your father’s condition. The only contingent factor here is your father’s actual weight. If, in fact, he is obese, click the links below for some appropriate manual wheelchair models for bariatric patients: If your father does not require a bariatric model, there are have heavy duty models that may be sufficient: The next thing for you to consider is who will be operating the wheelchair. If your father is not capable of operating a manual wheelchair by himself, or there is no one to constantly assist his operation of it, then your best option is a motorized wheelchair. Click the link below to be directed to a series of motorized wheelchairs; there are bariatric models as well: Hope that helps. Good luck with your search.

Hospital Beds, Hospital Bed Mattresses, Prevention of Bed Sores

Monday, November 07, 2005

My grandmother is very old and cannot live by herself anymore. She needs someone to take care of her but rather than admit her to a nursing home or some other managed healthcare facility, we’ve elected to care for her at home. Her range of mobility is already severely limited and I fear she’s only going to get worse. I can only foresee her being bed ridden for a long time. What can I do or what products will prevent bedsores, keep her comfortable, etc? Thanks for your advice. Some of the most underrated pieces of medical equipment are hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses. These items are highly versatile and keep patients, especially elderly patients who are bed ridden, comfortable and secure. To ensure your grandmother is safe and comfortable, as well as preventing bed sores, pressure sore ulcers, and maintaining proper blood flow, it is important for you to have a hospital bed that is easy to maneuver and operate as well as a proper hospital bed mattress that can alternate pressures. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines a bedsore as: “Pressure sore, esp. over a bony prominence. Consists of ulceration and gangrene of a localized area due to pressure from prolonged confinement in bed or from a cast or splint. Emaciated, weak, or elderly patients and those who must remain in one position because of orthopedic or similar problems are esp. likely to develop bedsores. Bedsores are located on bony prominences that are thinly covered with flesh as the end of the spine, buttocks, heels, elbows, shoulder blades, and back of the head and ears in children. Predisposing Causes: Any factor that interferes with the circulation of the blood and mobility of the patient; prolonged fever; emaciation; obesity; paralysis; old age or senility; poorly made beds or those containing irritating bits of debris; lack of cleanliness; bruising; infrequent change of positions; cardiac diseases, nephritis, diabetes, anemia, etc. Treatment: Best nursing care possible because prevention is easier than a cure; prophylactic measures in keeping the bed dry and clean; relieving the pressure as soon as the first signs of redness appear; report to the nurse in charge or attending physician at once; use the prescribed medication as directed by the physician. Thorough drying of skin after baths and gentle massage with alcohol to harden the skin and for stimulation and circulation; frequent change of position of patient if possible; exposure of area and protection of skin by silicone or similar preparation such as tincture of benzoin; maintenance of proper nutrition; chemical or surgical debridement of ulcers; use of sheepskin under vulnerable area; placing patient on special air bed or flotation bed.” There is one clear idea presented in the above definition: the importance of proper hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses. We offer a wide array of these products for you to choose from. Click on the links below and take a moment to evaluate these inventories: Hope this advice helps.

Air Filters

Friday, November 04, 2005

I am interested in getting an electrostatic air filter for our central air system. I see that yours are supposed to last a lifetime, but only have a 5 year guarantee... How do you clean them? DO you clean them? I would be placing it in a slot for a 20"x30"x1" filter. There are all kinds of air filters designed for multiple purposes. Electrostatic air filters are unbeatable in quality, function, and duration. For a high quality electrostatic air filter, consider the Pleat-A-Static Air Filter which can be made to fit your 20” x 30” x1” size specifications. They can be cleaned with regular soap and water or there is a special cleaner for them as well.


Where can I find an electronically adjustable recliner? Thank You. There is a wide selection of adjustable recliners that are designed with a tasteful, contemporary look. Recliners come in a number of colors that will match the décor of your home and other furnishings. This inventory of recliners is sure to provide you with the support and comfort you desire. To view the entire product line, click the link below: Hope you find what you need.

Mobility Scooter

My parents have limited mobility and poor eye sight. Is there such a thing as a two person scooter where I can operate it while one sits in the back or side? This is for use at Disney World. As a matter of fact, below is a model that is exactly what you need. The Porter is a heavy-duty, powerful scooter that fits through 36” doorways easily and maneuvers through tight spaces making it the perfect solution for your parents. It has a 32” wide bench seat that will enable them to sit side-by-side. With a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, The Porter has a driving range of 18-20 miles. Hope that helps.


I need a 4-wheel walker with the basket. Please, let me know where I can find them. Sincerely. There are several 4 wheel walkers with baskets offered at prices below suggested retail prices. The 4 wheel walkers in the following inventory will provide you safe, secure, and easy maneuverability and mobility in any environment. These 4 wheel walkers come in multiple colors and some models feature hand brakes. By clicking the links below you will be directed to four of the models that are certain to be exactly what you’re looking for: Hope that helps.

Exam Table and Medication Cart

I am looking for a basic exam table and locking medication cart for a YMCA camp in Lakeville, Connecticut. I live in the Hartford area and could arrange pick up locally as well. There is a wide array exam tables and medication carts. They’re the most reliable products on the market and you can find them below MSRP. Below are a few exam table models you should evaluate:

Here are a few medication carts to consider:

Be sure to evaluate your needs regarding any necessary accessories such as head rest paper rolls and exam stools.

This supplier is able to ship anywhere in the United States, just provide them a shipping address. Most products should be received within 3-5 days from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified.

Hope that helps.

Medical Scales

I am trying to locate some medical scales and height rods. We have outdated equipment and need to upgrade it. Can you tell me what you would recommend. There is a wide range scales and measuring devices that fit what you’re looking for. From baby scales and measuring devices, bed and wheelchair scales, measuring scales, mechanical and column scales, to personal scales, there are a number of items you need. Below are a few specific products that will definitely meet your requirements: Good luck with your search.

Hoyer Lifts

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My friend needs a lift to transfer her from the wheel chair to the bed. Do you have something like that? What you need is a Hoyer Lift and there are a number of specific models for you to choose from. Please see links below: LP30 Electric Patient Lifter LP10 Deluxe Patient Lifter LP15 Basic Patient Lifter LP50 Bariatric Patient Lifter Be sure to take into account your friend’s weight and who will be operating the Hoyer Lift as these are the two biggest factors to consider when purchasing the appropriate Hoyer Lift. As well, be sure to purchase the appropriate sling for your lift: LS10 Universal Chain Sling LS12 Commode Chain Sling LS30 Chain Free Sling LS35 Commode Chain Free Sling LS50 Bariatric Chain Sling For more information, check this out: Hoyer Lift Information Page.

Poor Posture and Back Pain

What products can help to remedy poor posture and lower back pain? I'm 63 yrs old, 6 feet 1 inches tall, waist 40 inches and weigh 200-205 lbs. Also what helps these problems when I'm sleeping in bed? Thank you for your time and consideration. There are a couple of braces that will help with your posture. Please follow the links below: Posture Correctors Dorsal Vest Posture Corrector Deluxe Universal Posture and Clavicle Support Hope that helps.

Electric Hospital Beds vs. Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

What is the difference between a full electric hospital bed and a semi-electric hospital bed?? Semi-electric hospital beds are designed to elevate the upper portion of the body only. Fully electric hospital beds have elevation controls for both upper and lower portions of the body. To learn more about both of these items, please visit this information page on hospital beds and you will gain more specific information. Before making a purchase, it may be in your best interest to purchase all-inclusive packages that take into account different models, mattresses, and rails to ensure that your bed arrives complete and ready to use: Comfort Series Full-Electric Hopital Beds - Deluxe Package Plus Comfort Series Full-Electric Hospital Beds - Deluxe Package Comfort Series Full-Electric Hospital Beds - Premium Package Comfort Series Full-Electric Hospital Beds - Premium Package Plus Comfort Series Full-Electric Hospital Beds - Standard Package Comfort Series Full-Electric Hospital Beds - Standard Package Plus Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Deluxe Package Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Deluxe Package Plus Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Premium Package Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Premium Package PLus Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Standard Package Comfort Series Semi-Electric Bed - Standard Package Plus Hope that helps.

Sinus Irrigation

Hi. I'm wanting to purchase a sinus irrigator, but am confused to what exactly it is I need to buy (meaning a complete kit). Could you please help me? Thanks. Below are three complete sinus wash and irrigation systems that will work perfectly for you: Hydro-Pulse Complete Nasal/Sinus/Breath Cleaning Irrigation System Breathe-Ease XL Nasal Wash System Breathe-Ease Nasal Spray and Irrigation Solution Hope that helps.

Shin Splints

What hot therapy products can you recommend to be used for shin splints? There are many hot and cold therapy products but it would be advisable to first consult with a physician or a physical therapist for the best options in treating your shin pain as it is contingent on multiple factors. Given those considerations, you may wish to evaluate the following products:

Flexi-Pac Hot/Cold Compress - 5"x 6"

Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPac 10”x 18”

Hydrocollator Moist Heat HotPac 10”x 12”

Jack Frost Hot or Cold Gel Packs – 4”x 9”

Pro-Temp Hydro-Hot Pack Half Size 5”x 12”

Reheater Hot Pack 5”x 9”

Microwavable Body Warmer

Hope that helps.

Cabinets, Exam Tables, Office Equipment

I’m moving my family practice office to a new and larger location. I still have to maintain a busy schedule during this transition and I simply do not have time to design or decorate the office. I am assigning someone to do this though. I need a supplier with a large range of office equipment that my designer can use. I need cabinets, exam tables, lighting and office equipment. Who can you suggest? I know of a supplier that can meet all these needs. Medical Supplies and Equipment Company can provide all of your top quality medical equipment and furniture at discounted prices. You mentioned cabinets; there is a wide range of cabinets to choose from: Modular Base & Wall Cabinets & Desk Units Narcotic Cabinets Storage and Supply Cabinets & EKG Carts Treatment & Instrument Cabinets Cabinet Accessories There is also a vast array of exam tables and accessories for you to choose from: Exam & Orthopedic Tables Pediatric Exam Tables Power Exam Tables OB/GYN Tables Physical Therapy Tables Massage Tables Bariatric Tables Exam Table Accessories Exam Stools Here is an inventory of exam lights for you to consider: Illuminated Magnifiers & Exam Lights Procedure and Examination Lights If you're looking for a convenient way to purchase your cabinets, exam tables, and other office equipment, this is the way to go. Good luck with your search.

Patient Lifts and Hoyer Lifts

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Aside from the bariatric patient lifter that you carry, I don’t understand the difference between one model to the next. Could you please explain what makes one patient lifter particularly different from the next? Thank you. Each patient lift has specific design features that differentiate each model from the next. The first feature to consider is how the patient lift is powered. Except for the LP30 Electric Patient Lifter, all patient lifts are operated manually with the assistance of a hydraulic cylinder. All are easy to operate; the electric patient lift is just a little more convenient. Another feature to consider is the design of the base. The LP15 model has a “C” shaped base whereas the other models don’t. This is something to consider when room space is a factor. As well, different models have different weight capacities. The LP30 can lift 500 pounds, the LP10 can lift 400, and so on. The last significant differentiating feature to consider is the actual weight of each unit. Some models are heavier than others, but this is due to the load bearing capacity of each model. The heavier the model, the heavier the load bearing capacity. As for the many congruent features that each patient lift shares with the next, that only ensures that each patient lift is constructed with the same standards as the next model. For more information on patient lifts and hoyer lifts, take a moment to read this information page.