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Sphygmomanometer Calibration

Monday, January 23, 2006

I accidentally dropped my sphygmomanometer last week and the calibration is off. Do you know how I can fix it? Thanks. It’s recommended that you seek the assistance of someone who has first-hand maintenance experience with aneroid blood pressure machines / sphygmomanometers. However, in the case this isn’t an option for you, carefully follow the instructions below. Be sure to make each adjustment in small increments. Remember to check each adjustment you make in order to assess the effects.
  1. Make sure the pointer is on the zero mark.
  2. Remove the glass.
  3. Carefully remove the pointer and lift the dial. You should now see the triangle with concave sides, on one side of which is a pin. In order to correct a non-linear error, very slightly bend the pin away or towards the side of the triangle.
  4. Replace the dial and pointer.
  5. Run the calibration check again.
  6. Repeat this operation until the error has gone.
  7. When correcting a linear error, very slightly bend the pin along the line of the triangle side.
  8. Run the calibration check again and keep adjusting until the error is gone.

That should help you.


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