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Questioning the Fire Blanket and Its Ability to Save Property and Lives: Part 2

Friday, June 06, 2008

What Safety Features Do Fire Blankets Include? In addition to undergoing rigorous testing, a fire blanket will also have additional features that prevent it from becoming damaged and unusable. For example, some blankets will come with chemicals in the wool that prevent rust and dust from getting into the blanket itself. If the blanket is exposed to other materials, after all, the flames then might be able to refuel on these materials. There are also some blankets that have additional protection from corrosion, either in their packaging or in the blanket itself. How Should the Fire Blanket Be Stored? If you are looking to add a fire blanket to your medical office, laboratory, industrial setting, fire rig, or ambulance, you have a number of different ways to store the blanket, depending on the space you have available and the uses that you will have for the blanket itself. If you want to have the blanket be portable, you can find bags that contain the lightweight blanket. This way, the blanket can come with you. If you need something a little sturdier, there are also steel boxes in which you can store the blanket. And if you want to have a blanket available for a person to use, these can be stored in a PVC tube and then have a large ring attached to the end. This way, the person can grab the ring with one arm and twirl around to cover their body and extinguish the flames.

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