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Questions You Might Want To Answer BEFORE You Shop for EMS & Ambulance Backboards

Friday, June 06, 2008

No matter if you're buying an EMS & ambulance backboard for your rig or you're thinking about bringing in new EMS & ambulance backboards for your paramedic fleet, you need to make sure you are choosing the best boards for your patients and for those carrying them. Here are questions you need to answer before you start shopping. What Materials are EMS & Ambulance Backboards Made Of? You can find a wide range of materials for your EMS & ambulance backboard. From Marine plywood to aluminum to polyethylene, you have your choice of strengths, prices, and finishes. Some in the paramedic community are a little concerned about using wooden boards as they aren't as easy to sterilize and they can crack and break, but they are also the standard for many EMS units, so they are trusted and utilized often. What Size EMS & Ambulance Backboard Should I Have? Because you can't necessarily guess the type of patient you will be transporting on an EMS & ambulance backboard, you might want to opt for a larger size of backboard as well as a narrow backboard and child sized backboard. This sounds like a lot, but you need to be ready for multiple patients as well as for multiple body weights. In order to fully support someone, you need to have EMS & ambulance backboards that support them from head to toe, from one side to the next. You also need to account for room for your hands as you carry them onto the stretcher. If you tend to remove patients from their apartments, you might also find that a narrower backboard is the best choice for your needs.

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