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What is the purpose of wearing disposable shoe covers?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Disposable shoe covers are used in more than career fields than just the medical field. Some industrial occupations dictate that protective coverings are worn for the purity of the product or products being made. This is especially true in the food service industry, but also might be found in computer part factories and other industries as well. In the medical field, disposable shoe covers can be an important part of special needs units in hospitals, for protecting the residents of a nursing home, and most especially, in operating rooms everywhere.
In every case where disposable shoe covers are worn, the purpose is to protect both the employee and the patient or the product being made. No contaminants can get into the shoe cover and none can get out. It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it.
In the medical environment, does anyone expect medical professionals need to wear disposable shoe covers?
Yes, there are times when both patients and guests to the hospital need to have protective foot wear on. Occasionally, when a patient is being moved from one part of the hospital to another, a nurse or orderly may have him or her put disposable shoe covers on. It’s simply to ensure that the patient is kept as sterile and safe as possible. It also limits the possibility of cross contamination from one section of the hospital to the other.
Guests can be asked to wear disposable shoe covers as a precaution when entering certain sections of a facility or visiting a tragically ill friend or family member. Newborn or premature babies, people with severe heart disease, or those affecting by an immune system disorder are better off if exposed to as little contaminants as possible. In these cases, the guest may be asked to put disposable shoe covers on.

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