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What type of detergent do you need to operate your ultrasonic cleaner and what do those detergents do?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just like a dishwasher or washing machine, you will need ultrasonic cleaner detergents to get the most from your cleaning system. Every time the conclave cleaner is used, liquid detergent should be a part of the equation. This stuff is specifically designed to be gentle on the instruments themselves and is even made to be easy on the skin as well. That gentle feature is amazing considering that the detergent is also very good at dissolving everything from blood to saliva, and just about any other fluid the body produces.

Once again, much like the cleaning machines found in every home, there are times when an extra boost of cleaning power is needed. That’s when it’s a good idea to have an additive powder in your arsenal of weapons against the bio hazards. Additive powder is used to boost the cleaning power of the standard liquid detergent commonly used in the ultrasonic cleaners. It is intended to be used for really tough cleaning jobs. This powder helps to prevent the formation of rust and also works to dissolve the bodily fluids from the instruments as well.

What kind of durability can be expected from the ultrasonic cleaners and accessories?

Like everything else in a medical office, these machines and accessories can be expensive. The good news is with proper care and maintenance, these ultrasonic cleaners, covers, and baskets will last for quite some time. At the first sign of trouble, it’s best to call in a qualified repair company to ensure that the problem is resolved correctly. Naturally, the detergent and additive powder will need to be replaced on a regular basis, but your office can expect a long time of good service out of this kind of cleaning system.

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What are ultrasonic cleaners used for in the medical setting?

A huge assortment of medical and dental instruments can be properly and thoroughly cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaners. Everything from exploratory tools to dental mirrors, and scalpels fit easily into these machines.
The type of medical environment will play a huge role in the kinds of tools and instruments that find their way into the ultrasonic cleaner.
What kinds of accessories are needed to ensure your ultrasonic cleaner works properly and are easy to use?
One of the first pieces of equipment in addition to the ultrasonic cleaner itself you will need is the cleaning basket. This handy tool is very simply used to extract the cleaned items from the machine without fear of cutting yourself or contaminating the newly cleaned items. While it may not seem important, this small tool can make life in the office much easier.
Another accessory you shouldn’t be without is the positioning or cleaner cover. Made from stainless steel, your office staff can count on these covers ensuring that no live biologic contaminant is allowed to roam free through the office, potentially harming staff and patients alike. Of course, with the covers, it’s essential to have cleaning beakers as well. In many cases, the beakers that are equipped with both lids and bands are incredibly successful at keeping the sterilization environment safe and clean.

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What are the medical benefits of using therapeutic ultrasound to treat patients?

One of the biggest benefits to using therapeutic ultrasound to treat patients is the method reducing the amounts of medication the patient will need to control their pain. As a medical professional, you have likely encountered those people who simply do not like to take any type of medication, don’t have the funds for it, or don’t respond well to the chemical makeup of the pain medication, it happens everyday. With therapeutic ultrasound, the patient can not only find relief from their muscle pain with the therapy, they are also being helped to heal by the sound waves aimed at the problem area. As much as pain relief medicine can help, it’s not equipped to help the body heal.
Therapeutic ultrasound is ideal for a vast number of patients with varying medical problems. With this technology, the therapy will have to be administered multiple times and potentially for years to come to be fully successful, but the efforts are well worth it in the long run.

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What are the basic abilities and characteristics you can expect to find with the therapeutic ultrasound devices on the market now?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It’s essential to first go over the therapeutic ultrasound method to begin with. This medical technology is the use of high frequency, ultrasound waves to stimulate the tissue of the body where injury and/or pain are a problem. In most cases, the device can reach up to 4 inches below the surface of the skin and feels and acts like a deep tissue massage for the region.
As mentioned, therapeutic ultrasound delivers sound waves to the damaged areas of the body at a frequency of between 800,000 and 2,000,000 Hz. The good news is that the sound can’t be heard by either human or animal, helping to reduce any fears or misgivings the patient may have about the treatment. With sound waves at those frequencies, the very cells and molecules of the muscle and ligament tissue are positively affected.
What injuries, illnesses, and ailments are best treated with the therapeutic ultrasound method?
The simple and short answer to the above question is any injury or problem that a patient would seek out professional, therapeutic massage to relieve. As noted, therapeutic ultrasound reaches deeper tissue than the best massage therapist would ever be able to reach. Just like massage, these useful method of stimulating muscle tissue, improving blood circulation, and reducing swelling, is wonderful for aiding in pain and injury with the muscles groups, the ligaments of the body, and even with the cartilage that is present in joints like the knees, hips, and of course, the spine. Of course, therapeutic ultrasound is perfect for people injured in auto accidents, which deep tissue damage, and those who have been injured playing sports or engaging in some other physical activity.
It’s not only the physically active people who benefit from therapeutic ultrasound. There is no disputing the benefit of this method on diseases like carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and bursitis. Chronic pain from past injuries or diseases can also be treated and the patient experience less pain and greater range of motion with the use of therapeutic ultrasound.

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Who shouldn’t be exposed to shortwave diathermy?

As useful as this therapy is, there are patients that shouldn’t be exposed to shortwave diathermy. In addition to others, some of these people include pregnant women, those with serious heart and kidney problems, as well as those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. If the patient has a cardiac pace maker, shortwave diathermy isn’t going to be safe or effective. Unexplained neurological issues, like seizures, are another indication that shortwave diathermy is not the answer for the patient. Another health problem that would indicate the need for another type of therapy is malignant cancer. As with any therapy, it’s vitally important to have a thorough medical history on file just to be sure shortwave diathermy is safe for the patient.

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What are some of the basic features you can expect to find in a shortwave diathermy system?

Just like with any other type of equipment, you can order a shortwave diathermy with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. For a basic unit system, you can expect to find the unit complete with 6 felt spacers, 2 cloth covers, and 2 elastic straps. 2 soft rubber capacitive pads for treating patients and a power cord are also part of the tools that are included with the purchase of a new shortwave diathermy system. Of course, each unit will have a full manual and instruction book to ensure that you can operate the unit easily and also be sure that the unit is properly cared for and the responsible person in your office knows how to take care of the system.
Finally, your new shortwave diathermy unit is about 15 lbs. and is 7 inch by 14 inches, by 16.5 inches in diameter. You can expect your warranty to cover the main system for about 2 years, while the applicators and accessories usually are covered for the first year.
What are some of the medical problems you can successfully treat with the use of a shortwave diathermy?
One of the biggest advantages of having a shortwave diathermy unit in your office is the large number of ailments and injuries this deep heat apparatus can help with. Some of the more common issues that are treated with this method include inflammation of the shoulder joint and elbow joint. Either patients with degeneration of the hips, knee, and neck from injuries or those who suffer from things like arthritis and cervical spondylosis are also helped by the addition of the healing heat from the shortwave diathermy.
Sports injuries and even traumatic injuries from accidents on the job or auto accidents can be relieved by shortwave diathermy as well. Ligament sprains in the knee, ankle, or any joint location are often treated with this beneficial therapy. Common low back pain and muscle damage is improved with the use of heat. Just like in the old days when sports medical professionals as well as regular medical professionals used heating pads to help reduce swelling and pain, shortwave diathermy does the same thing on a larger, more effective scale.

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How does a neuromuscular stimulator work to provide the much needed relief for muscles caused by a huge variety of injuries and ailments?

The medical community has been using technology like ultrasound waves, lasers, and electric current for a long time in the quest to improve patient health in a safe and effective way. The neuromuscular stimulator is just another tool in the long line of useful products. Patients may at first be put off by the idea of electric current being sent into their muscles, but a bit of education will go along way in assuaging any fears. Simply explain that the neuromuscular stimulator is designed to stimulate natural endorphins in the body, relieve discomfort and pain from the muscles, and improve blood circulation to the area. The patient determines how intense the pulse width, or the strength of the electrical current, is. The frequency, or speed at the pulse delivery, has a lot to do with how effective the treatment is as well. Once you make it clear, and the patient has tried it out on their own and discovered what a pain free day can be like, you won’t have any trouble getting your clients to try this technology out for themselves. In medical office demonstrations are a good way of instructing the patient in the right way to maintain and use their neuromuscular stimulator. Fortunately, they are made to be easy to use and most people won’t have any trouble getting the hang of it.

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What are the benefits of the neuromuscular stimulators to the patient in regards to convenience and ease of use?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Since neuromuscular stimulators are used with huge success in both the clinical office setting and in the home for pain relief as needed, these machines offer a lot of convenience to the patients. The entire unit, including the carrying case, only weighs about 5 to 6 pounds, so there is no problem with travel needs or taking the unit out of the house to use whenever there is a problem. It’s also pretty convenient that once the patient has the neuromuscular stimulator in place, muscle pain relief is only a few minutes away, as opposed to having to wait up to an hour for traditional medication to have any effect.

Medically speaking, what kinds of benefits with the use of a neuromuscular stimulator offer the patient?

Besides the convenience and non addictive qualities of working with this type of therapy, it’s important that the treatment is effective. Neuromuscular stimulators have proven themselves to be useful on several muscle pain fronts. The most common use for these units is in the cases of injury or diseases like arthritis. It is also used for sports related injuries. Neuromuscular stimulators are great for improving previously poor blood circulation and muscle spasms, as well as helping with cardiac conditioning. The placement, frequency, and pulse width are work together to help correct a host of medical problems.

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Are warranties offered on the commonly found fully electronic adjustable hospital beds?

Especially in the home setting, it’s important to know if you have any recourse if you develop a problem with a piece of equipment as important as an adjustable hospital bed. With the electric adjustable hospital beds, most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the bed frame itself and with good reason. The bed frame alone has reinforced steel corners that are designed to provide the most stability and safety for the patient. These beds are designed to support up to 460 lbs. of weight.
Another aspect of the fully electric adjustable hospital bed that you can’t overlook is the motor warranty. You will need a working motor to ensure the comfort of the patient both during resting hours and when the patient must be seated upright or on a vertical angle. The warranty for this incredibly important feature of the bed is generally about one year.
What extras are available with most adjustable hospital beds?
You can choose to add casters for easy movement of the adjustable hospital bed as well as any type of bed rails that are appropriate for the model you have chosen. Both head and foot boards are typically available as well, for appearance sakes as well as for patient safety.

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In what situations might you need an adjustable hospital bed?

Most people think that the only time you would need an adjustable hospital bed in the home is in the case of serious and fatal illness. That, of course, is one of the times when you and your family might need an adjustable hospital bed. In the event of cancer or other terminal issues, along with the adjustable bed, you will also find that things like oxygen machines and a host of other medical supplies will become a part of your life.
Fortunately, it’s not essential to be suffering from major disease to need access to the adjustable hospital beds. Car accidents, work accidents, and sports injuries could also lead to the need for proper hospital beds in the home. These beds are simply the easiest way to care for the needs of an injured person safely, in both the clinical setting and in the home setting as well.
What features can you expect to come with a bariatric adjustable hospital bed?
The manufacturers of the various types of adjustable hospital beds make every effort to offer the necessary equipment with each and every one of the beds they make whether they are headed to the hospital for use there or for the home environment. With these types of adjustable hospital beds, you can expect a nice, comfortable bariatric foam mattress as well as the 42 in. heavy duty bed frame. Those frames are designed to support up to 600 lbs. of weight. The buyer can generally choose to order either full or half bed rails options. You will most commonly find the bed rails available in the chrome choice. Of course, one of the most advantageous elements you will find in your adjustable hospital bed is the instruction manual that will teach you the best and safest way to use the various settings on the bed.

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